Wednesday, September 9, 2009

13 cents

I love living in a rural community and having a small town be my "hometown." We received the receipt for our property taxes today. Somehow I underpaid by 13¢. How does one do that??

The note at the bottom of the receipt simply said, "Drop off the 13¢ the next time you are in town." How neat is that. Just a gentle, but firm reminder. They won't "forget" that dept (all of 13¢) but there wasn't a sense of Urgency either. Just "whenever" you get into town...

Somehow that little note and the feeling it gave, made me smile.


** "I love it here. The people are so nice and wonderful and there is something about a small town. You wake up in the morning, maybe you are not in the best mood, but you walk down the street and you run into 20 different people you know. And by the time you get where you are going, you're going to feel good. It is that small town charm, I guess."
~ Joni Pugh

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  1. I get it! we moved to a very small town, all of 60 houses, 113 water hookups including the cottages and summer resort trailer park.

    The nearest gas station is 3 towns away, at least 15 minutes drive. I introduced myself and checked on the business hours as that is the only station between home and work. He said that they close at 8 but not to worry; they don't turn the pumps off; just pay at the pump. They just turn off all the lights and only tell the locals this bit of good info,