Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Making a Map

What do you think? Is it understandable? These are the plantings I did on Monday. As you can tell from A-E, I really needed to keep track this year of what went where. Otherwise next year, it'll be "Large pink DL, 2nd large pink DL, Small Red DL, etc..."

And here is a photo of "E- Lg Maroon DL":

And a photo of the same view as the diagram with the Coral Bells in bloom:

Do you make gardening diagrams? How do you keep track of what is planted where?


PS I forgot to tell you those funky rounded corner squares indicate the rocks on the berm. Paint programs don't have a "rock" shape button. Who knew?

PSS We're waging another battle of the MOUSE WARS! Again in my silverware drawer.... UGH! This time we have 3 whirling traps (THANKS LEESIE) and the low frequency repellent in the lazy susan. I'm about beside myself. Send help!

** "... a flower which perisheth at night, and buddeth at the sunne rising,
... and therefore is called the Day Lillie, or Lillie for a day.
~ John Gerard, 1597


  1. Sometimes I draw diagrams....then lose them!! haha I just put sticks in to show where a plant is! It works for me i guess.


  2. I use sticks too, I'm too lazy for maps! LOL isn't north supposed to be up:)

  3. North Is suppose to be "up." But the berm faces north and if I put North where it is suppose to be, then all the new plants wouldn't be visible.

    (Or it could be I was just too lazy to reverse the diagram so North was in the right place. lol)

  4. neat diagram! This was my first year putting in a larger veggie garden so I put together several bed diagrams to avoid planting those nightshades in the same spot next year. I'm putting in some bulbs for the first time this year so I might have to diagram where I put those.

    Sorry about the mice. I feared we had one in our garage blegh.

  5. Hiya Kay...I kept wondering why I did not see posts from you on Xanga anymore so I went lookin ya!