Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Thrifty Fun

You know me.... I L-O-V-E my local thrift store. Love it!

I ventured in yesterday afternoon, after work. I hoped to find some cuteness for the grand-girlies and just see what they had.

And this is what I came home with:

3 "sets" of Christmas cards (15 cards for $1) and 3 "Friendship" cards

2 cute stripey sweaters for the girlies

2 sweaters and a long-sleeved tee for me, for work

The middle-sized Corningware casserole in the Cornflower design with the lid. (I have the small and the large size with one lid already. I found those at this shop also.)

A cookbook on small-batch preserving and canning. Just the thing for my small garden production.

Not a huge haul, but all needed. And I have my eye on a framed print that I hope will be 1/2-off next week. And I need to see what Christmas items are out downstairs.

Speaking of the Christmas items at the shop, I have to tell you about my best "find" of all!

One of the volunteers brought up an armful of Christmas items (oh my-- those large outside electric lit candles!!! My grandma had some like that and I missed them! ohhhh.... :o[ )

Anyway... more Christmas items were brought up and I thought, "How fun! Someone is getting in the holiday spirit a little early." :oD

When I went to pay, the lady who found all the Christmas goodies was in line ahead of me. So of course I started chatting with her. We talked about decorating and giving each special day its due (a family member's birthday and Thanksgiving) and how much work, but fun, it is to put it all out.
While we were talking, I started to realize, I might know this nice lady through her dh. So I asked where they lived so I could drive by and see all this Christmas finery later.
Sure enough, I knew her dh, through his business. It was such a nice surprise for both of us to finally put names with faces.
I'm plan to drop her a note and invite her to coffee someday soon. We can never have too many friends.

So my best find of the day.... A new acquaintance!

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