Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tis the Season

Happy December Dear Readers! I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with everything you are thankful for. Ours was small and cozy. Just the way we like it.

One thankful blessing, I had a short shopping list this year. I had most of the ingredients on my shelves or in my freezer. I did have to buy the turkey and rolls (ran out of time to bake my own) and produce but the rest I had.

I've started taking stock in Christmas baking ingredients. And I believe I'm ok there too. After the mouse wars we've been battling this year, I've decided I can only stock up using gallon jars or what I can store in the freezer. It has cut down on my usual supplies but that's ok.

So, who was crazy like me and went out shopping on Black Friday (or fired up the computer for online shopping)?

I did the big Door Buster items on-line in the wee hours of Friday morning when the sales went "live" on the websites. I was able to get what was on my list for the most part. A few small items were not available but I'm sure I'll find them in the next few weeks.

Since the grand-girlies & married ones are not coming to the Farm over the holidays this year, I have to be prepared to send them all out by Dec.12th. (my deadline) I'll be finalizing their gifts this weekend. At least all of their "big" gifts are already purchased & are being sent directly to their home.

The busy season is upon us at the Green office. Crazy busy, but fun. And this year I've decided since I come home in the near dark, that I will be turning on alot of lights in the house when I arrive. I'll be turning up the furnace and turning on the music and using my crockpot when I can, so make it cozy when I get home. And to give me a boost of energy to do those things I need to do. Otherwise I go into hybernation mode. I can do That in January. lol

And speaking of the Green office, I need to get moving in that direction. Have a wonderful week everyone! Hoping to show you photos of my decorations after this weekend.


If you don't like me wishing you a
I'll say, "Excuse my joy."

You may cringe that I celebrate the birth of Jesus, but just tolerate it.

I cannot be concerned that
offends you.

If I'm not careful,
the day will come when saying I'm a Christian will offend you.


  1. When we lived out "in the country" we had a bit of a mousie problem. Since I loved baking my own pita bread - I needed to buy flour in bulk. I used to get the lidded buckets from the grocery store (Sam's uses them too) that came with icing in them (that the bakery uses for the cakes). I guess they were about 5 gallon size - for $1 ! And - mouseproof and stackable !

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Miss Kay !

  2. Jerzy- I have my wheat berries in 5-gallon buckets. The one-gallon glass jars work great for soup crackers, sugar, choc. chips, etc...

    We have great minds GF!