Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Storm #3 report

Blog 1/6/10

Here we go again Dear Readers. Winter Storm #3! We received about 4” (guessing here, as _I’m_ not going out there to measure!) of new snow and now the howling winds of 30-40 mph have kicked in. We are being warned of dangerous wind-chill temperatures. As in -30° and lower. All the area schools are closed, the highways are closed and snowplows will not be out on the country roads until the wind dies down.

But on a happy note, my Farmer and I are safe and warm. Ds2 is safe in the city. The power is on and we have plenty of propane and the infrared heater is going. As a precaution, Farmer-dear had the generator fixed, we have kerosene and that heater in the garage nearby. We have 5 gal of drinking water in containers, and a 5-gal bucket of “flushing water” if needed.

I’m still doing the Pantry Challenge, so while I did get a very few groceries on Monday, I did not go into a panic yesterday to get ready for the storm. I sat and thought of what I could possibly need if we were home-bound for several days (which we will be).

I have on hand the following: Milk, Bread & the ingredients to make more, Coffee and Juice, Soup, at least 2 dozen Eggs, a variety of Meat in the freezers, lots of canned goods and pasta, cereals and dry goods in the pantry and prepared dessert items in the pantry & freezers.

We have some produce and I purposely did not buy more so we would eat up what we have in the fridge. The bag salad is about gone, but we have some shredded lettuce for tacos or sandwiches. There are carrots, and if they are too limp for raw eating, will be fine cooked or juiced. There is a pound each of apples and oranges. I need to check on the peppers and zucchini that are in there too. They were fine last weekend but now, who knows. I may be cooking them and pureeing to put into meatloaf or soup.

I thought about foods that we could eat if the power did go out, things like protein bars, canned soups and mixes we could heat over the heater. Nuts and the fruit also.

I also mentally double-checked on dish soap, laundry soap, toilet paper and other personal hygiene items.

And then I thought about how we will keep our minds and bodies occupied. Of course there are the twice (or more) daily chores that we have for the cattle and cats. That gets us outside whether we want to go or not.
Farmer-dear bought me/us a Wii for Christmas. He has been playing that in the evenings and I join in occasionally.
I also stopped by the public library on Tuesday and brought home 5 books for me. I have a large personal library here at home, but I also want to patronize the public library.

Also in the entertainment department, we have our satellite tv and several dvds. We normally have our internet connection but today we are experiencing “outages.” I still have over 1500 emails from my email groups to read (food groups that are timely whenever I read them) and many quilt/craft patterns and photos to organize.
And of course I have my HUGE fabric stash and sewing machines for quilting downstairs.

All in all, I don’t think we’ll starve or be bored.

So, dear Readers... if you were snow-bound for 3-4 days, right now; would you be prepared? For those of you in warm climates, (who I am trying to not envy too much today), are you ready for hurricane, wild fire evacuation or high smog alert season?

What are the top 5 items you have to have to be happy? (Besides family & pets, basic food/drink, heat/cool & shelter)

My top 5:
1. Coffee with half-n-half
2. Some kind of dessert or means to make it
3. SmartWool socks! (I hate cold feet.)
4. A book or two to read.
5. Some way to play cds or iTunes or the radio

Looking forward to reading your comments on how you are prepared and what would make you happy in a storm.


** Bundle me up in an old, worn quilt with hand-sewn stitches,
and soft cotton batting. Place a book on my lap,
a cup of tea in my hand, a light by my side,
and leave me in a world of rest and delight.
~Roy Lessin

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  1. yes, I am prepared for just about anything. Lots of batteries for my flashlights. My kerosene lamp is ready. I have a propane heater. I have a butane camping stove! I usually have milk, eggs, and bread on hand. Yes, I am a bit paranoid! I have canned turkey on hand! Plenty of canned food. But I would miss the internet and my electric blanket if the power would go!