Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last year's Antique Market buys.

Ok.... word of warning....

If you are just craving a good flea market, estate sale, thrifting, etc....

Do NOT.... I repeat.... DO NOT..... Read this Blog by Miss Vintage Rescue Squad!

It is just too painful.

And DO NOT look at her photos.... (that one in particular but they all do me in....)

Because as she says.... Crap, her trash looks better than most people's yard sale stuff!!!

I'm "dying" here! I want that sweet little phone table, those garden chairs, that wicker basket, that white/pink tall cabinet in the distance looks intriguing and that plate rack..... all left at the curb last June!! **wailing and gnashing of teeth**

My only help with this depressing situation is that on Feb. 27 there is a Flea Market in the City and the annual Antique Market in March.
And I know my favorite seller has a new spot in a very accessible shop that I haven't scoped out yet.

Until then, it's time to put away all the wintery decorating and dig out what I've purchased in the past and USE IT! My kitchen, in particular is really bothering me. I am totally regretting that yellow paint decision. :o[ It is not going with the vintage image I have in my head at all.

Who loves to paint? Come on over and bring some light cream paint!

Anyone else desperate to go thrifting, antiquing this weekend?


** "I read this article that said the typical symptoms of
stress are: eating too much, impulse buying, and
driving too fast.
Are they kidding?
That is my idea of a perfect day. "


  1. i use to have that exact cuboard only it was not that cute.dang wish i would have kept it.

  2. love the cupboard! Can I have it? ;) Hope all is well in Nebraska land....stop over for a visit!

  3. Shanae-- I take no credit for it's cuteness... Todd my favorite dealer painted it and I fell in love when I saw it. Same with that cute little stool.

    Farmchick-- Only if you come get it and stay for supper. ;o) I've been reading your blog via Googlereader. Hugs!