Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yes I know.....

Yes, I know the Mrs. Dash widget is so out of place and random. That's me... Ms Random.

Yes, I know it's been 32 days since my last "real" post. That's me... Ms. Forever Late-er

Yes, I know you are all STILL waiting for that video about the calves. Hope no-one was holding their breath, waiting on me, Ms. Procrastinator.

Yes, I know.... Spring is here and some of my Winter decorations are Still up. What?! Cardinals don't go with Spring Flowers? Those ice crystals could be rain drops if you squint at them and are going by on a fast horse.

But if you are still with me, I hope to have photos of my 2010 garden (The Spinach, Lettuce and Onions were up as of yesterday!!); the new compost enclosure (no more skunks in my compost pile!) and my newly organized & rearranged Sewing Studio (if that Farmer EVER gets that miter saw out of the room!)

And Yes..... I know.... that video....... s~i~g~h~~~~

Soon, Grasshopper, Soon...... (but don't hold your breath.... you know me.....)


** "Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday." ~Don Marquis

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