Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday in the .....

Park?? how about Saturday, on the Farm... ;o)

And it is, Saturday.... on the Farm.... in April.... That means, field work, mowing, baking, cleaning, etc...etc...etc... No rest for the weary. Especially with stupid cows who think 6:30 is breakfast time. (ok, it is, for them on weekdays. What do cows know of Saturday?)

So I'm up, functioning, caffeinated, fed & dressed. I've been to the field once to pick up a Farmer so he could get extra herbicide.

Now I'm off to make some chocolate chip cookies since that Farmer thinks there is nothing around here for dessert.

Then I'll switch out the laundry and start on painting the last of the trim boards and touch up the paint on the trim in the bathroom.

After that I'll either be mowing or working in the flower beds.

And hopefully I'll get that date tonight. It got too late last night for one. Reheated homemade pizza does not constitute an "At Home Date Night" to me, so he still owes me one.

Do you find your weekends getting busier the nicer the weather gets?

Photos soon...


** "The naked earth is warm with Spring,
"And with green grass and bursting trees
"Leans to the sun's kiss glorying,
"And quivers in the sunny breeze."
~Julian Grenfell


  1. Somebodies been complaining about nothing for dessert here too....the cookies sound good. Everyday gets busier here........what's a weekend anyway?

  2. Just stopping in to say HI! Hope you are doing well.....and I find EVERYDAY to be busier as the weather gets nicer!

    We are not in the field yet but will be soon...then my time will really disappear!

    Hope you can stop over for a visit. :)

  3. Yes, it gets busier in spring for me too, but never as busy as you are! Just reading what you do makes me tired!