Sunday, May 2, 2010

The corn is planted and Amos checks in

Yes, the corn is planted for 2010 and Amos' "little swimmers" are alive and active for the 2011 crop of new calves.

The potatoes (all but 4) are up and growing, as are the onions, sugar snap peas (time for a fence!), and both colors of chard. The spinach and lettuce were slow, but with the last rains and warmth the lettuce looks like lettuce now.

I dug, divided and replanted an old rhubarb plant in hopes I can make lots of desserts and some Strawberry-Rhubarb jam in the future.

The berm is mulched and the new purple coneflowers seem to have settled in, as has the Easter Lily.

This week I hope to dig up and return the 2 hydrangeas I bought last year from the local nursery. They winter-killed and I'm going to get either a butterfly bush or some other smallish hardy bush for those 2 areas.
Also on the list is to clean off the patio. How embarrassing, we had a party for the Blue-eyed Farmer's 50th birthday 2 Saturdays ago and they all gathered on my messy, leaf-molded, muddy patio. **blushing** At least the guests were all farm folk who understand dust, leaf mold, mud, cat tracks, etc....
While I'm working on the east side of the house, I'll straw the potatoes, put up the pea fence, and hopefully plant the first of the cilantro and basil. I need to take cuttings from the rosemary and repot or fertilize the sage. Oh and the volunteer dill is up!! (lots of it!!) So is the volunteer lettuce and I'm assuming the spaghetti squash (right smack-dap in the middle of the onions. sigh~~). But hey! Free plants are free plants.
And my final goal for this week, is to weed the day lily bed east of the porch. It will need mulch too but there is too large an area to haul it there myself. I figure if I can get the flower beds weeded, then when I get my ONE day (annually) of Farmer help, the mulching will go quickly and I might get all the beds done this year!

That is life on the Prairie Farm for now.

In consideration of your sensibilities, I left out some cattle angst & rebellion; the round-the-world cruise we are financing for someone at the local John Deere shop after 3 pieces have/are being worked on and my on-going and now increased displeasure of push mowing that Danged Ditch!

You're welcome.


** "The mere brute pleasure of reading - the sort of pleasure a cow must have in grazing." ~Lord Chesterfield

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