Saturday, November 6, 2010

(in)Sightful Saturday

One block from "Brenda's Roses"

Happy Saturday Puffins.... again, quickly (are you sick to death of me saying that?) as it's 11 p.m. and we had a big day and another one planned tomorrow.

We after yesterday's BIG SHOP, it was early this morning to take those calves to the vet where they were doctored (Vetted?) and then a brief stop at the Farm Store for sock for me (warm socks!) and a drill bit and bolts for him.  Home to let those beefers out with their cousins where they hopped and jumped and acted like giddy fools.

It was a chilly day with a brisk South wind.  I broke back down and turned on the furnace.  The Sunheat Heater just was not doing enough and I hate having the shivers.

While the Farmer-man was letting our other cows out into the newly fenced stalk field, I went through my Pantry and put all the boxed and bagged foods into Tupperware or Jars and a bunch of boxed foods in a large tightly lidded tote.  The only items not stored like this were my 2 60# bags of wheat berries.  Why all this work, you ask?   Because last year at this time I dealt with mice finding and tasting all the boxed & bagged foods and leaving a huge mess.  I'm sure the low-frequency noise repellents will keep the vermin out but just in case I wanted to be ready.

Farmer-dear watched the Nebraska game and I started organizing my hundreds of photos and putting them on my 1gb thumb drive.   What a fun trip down memory lane.

And now I'm ready for bed.  Before I go I wanted to remind you to comment on any post starting with Tuesday's and before 11:59 p.m. tomorrow evening.  I'll pick a name and that person will win a nice gift card to Amazon.

One last "insight":   "... 'a woman who fear the Lord, she shall be praised' - a wife rightly related to her Lord will be rightly related to her husband and others.  She fears the Lord, not society, not friends."


** "There aren't enough days in the weekend."  ~Rod Schmidt

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  1. It's so discouraging when you've stockpiled food and then find it's been broken into!

    My solution for mice is our cat who lives in the garage and stalks our yard. He is magic for getting rid of vermin! He can't come inside b/c the guys are allergic, but we don't have any road frontage at all where we live, so he's safe.

    God bless!