Monday, February 21, 2011

Apple Cake Saves the Day

In order to lift off some of the doom and gloom around here, I've posted Debby's Apple Cake over on my recipe site HERE.

I made it on Saturday as I have 1/2 a lug of Red Delicious apples getting wrinkly and unappitzing.  We just don't like that variety for eating fresh.  But chopped up in this cake they are amazing.  Just enough apple-goodness to mix with the cinnamon and walnuts.  And this cake is sooo moist. 

Make it soon.  And don't bother with the frosting.  Just pour yourself a cuppa coffee and enjoy the spicy goodness as you sit in the sunshine and plan your upcoming garden.  Spring will be here soon.


PS  if you would, please send up prayers for Ds1, Ddil and Dgd3.  Instead of the home-birth they were looking forward to, it appears they will be having a C-section sometime this week.  Some little Missie is being stubborn.  Thank you so much.


  1. Those little babies will always arrive on their own terms.

  2. will be thinking of your family, I had 2 C-sections, both in abit of a hurry so know all about them little suckers..... in the end as long as the outcome is good then thats all that matters :)

    big hugs your way xx