Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sewing on Saturday and a Wonky Macintosh

I was sewing the pink and yellow squares together today.  And then cut them apart again.  It's a Quilt-thing.

Yes dear Puffins... I sewed today!  Unfortunately there are no photos as I lost the daylight before I could take any.   I sewed half-square triangles for Dgd3's quilt.  And realized once again that piecing is NOT a race but I need to use the tools that help (The Angler Half-Square Triangle guide) and to go slowly.  After I started trimming dog-ears off the first of the blocks I realized I had some VERY misshaped pieces.  So I started stitching more slowly. After I had both stitch lines done but before I cut the HST apart, I measured the space between the stitching.  If it was anything other than exactly 1/2", I ripped out the stitching and did it again.  Thankfully by sewing more slowly, I only had to do that about 1/3 of the time.  
I realized I was not holding the corners firmly as I sewed and the beginning part of the stitching had a tendency to go a bit catty-wompus on me.  

102 individual squares of 2 colors, sewn together and cut apart makes for alot of HST blocks to be pressed and trimmed.  I sew about 10, then do the pressing and trimming, so I can catch any problems in a bunch.  It's easier to resew 10-20 HST than 50 or more at a shot.  Besides if I waited and had not found I was having a problem early on, I probably would have had to remake most of those blocks and I don't have that much extra fabric.  (And no idea where I got this to buy more.)

Anyway... that is how I spent my Saturday afternoon and plan to spend some of my Sunday the same way.  And my computer has decided to get sick now too.  I fear the hard drive is going out on me so as soon as my friend & repair tech gets the new one, I'll be "gone" for a few days.  It'll be hard, but I have that sewing and plenty of new books and I've been wanting to crochet some washcloths.  I will not be starting my Spring Cleaning.    *grin*

One final word of wisdom.... if you have not done so already.... get yourself an external hard drive and BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER NOW!  You'll be glad you did.


** "OUT:  Focusing on your mistakes
IN:  Focusing on your fabulousity"  ~Mark Lipinksi, Quilt Designer & Magazine Editor


  1. The colors are so 'springy' .. and I NEED spring NOW. Can't wait to see the finished up quilt. Good thing you have patience and found the sewing mistakes before you got too far along.

    Now that my store bought wheat flour is gone, I'm enjoying using my wheat mill even more .. made some great whole wheat pita bread yesterday .. it makes a good pocket sandwich for just about anything.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. I do like you do....a few at a time and onto the gives on a break too. I lost some pictures this week so I'll be backing up more often too.