Friday, March 11, 2011

Randomness Becomes Me on a Friday

Yup, another Randomness Becomes Me post....  Why?  Because it's Friday the 11th.

And because I've had more than my share of broken things in my life lately.... a tire on my Edge, my watch, my iMac (it's being getting a new hard-drive tomorrow), my Farmer (he's on his way to being well again, but's been a long road), my sleeping 8 hours per night, his chainsaw and tree cutter, my ability to not over-bake things, my Sun-heat heater and my iMac (yes I said it twice because it is That important!)

Because I'm in the midst of piecing 102-2 3/8" squares of 2 different colors into 204-2" half-square triangles and out of every 10 I sew in a set, at least 3 need to be frog-stitched and resewn and even then I end up with 1 in every 30 that is totally too wonked to be used.  **crazed look**

It's a blustery early Spring day and I'm going to wash the sheet and let them blow out all the germies into the wind!

I'm drinking Kona Seneo Coffee today.

I decided that I MUST eat breakfast everyday and I love oatmeal, just not the fussing with making it every morning.  So I made up "instant packs".  1/3 c. regular oatmeal, handful of dried fruit (raisins, apples and apricots that I dried, were my choices), handful of nuts (pecans, walnuts and slivered almonds), a good shake or two of Mulling Spices for "zing".
Packaged these in sandwich-sized ziplock bags so that in the morning when I'm barely able to make coffee, I can dump one bag's worth into a bowl, add 3/4 c. milk and microwave for 4 mins on 60% power.  A little more milk or half-n-half on top and wah-lah! It's breakfast!

I went to the thrift store yesterday and found sweet pink and purple clothes for my favorite girlies (jackets for the big girls and clothes for my sweet baby-kins for this summer and fall.)  I found a yellow coffee cup that matches the miscellaneous pieces my dear neighbor gave me.  I had a yellow saucer so now I have a yellow cup-saucer and a pink set.  I just need someone to come have coffee with me.

I also found a cool straw tote bag with a clasp.  It has yellow decorations.  Ok, so it's a cheesy tourist buy from Mazatlan, but it's got "leather" handles and is big enough to hold a laptop (if I had a laptop) or supplies for the beach (if I went to the beach) or maybe just my Bible and Study book for church this summer.   In any case, it made me smile, and I'll take a $2 smile any day during "mud season."

And finally....

Who are these people and why am I here??
This darling has stolen my heart.  She is there and I am here.  But we have conversed on the phone and I know she is saving all her sweetest snuggles for her Grammie... who will get there as soon as we are well and those danged cows all have their calves.

The laundry calleth and my coffee cup is empty and there are no elves to finish sewing those half-square triangles.

Enjoy your weekend Puffins.

PS  Please pray for the people of Japan and the islands in the Pacific and even our West Coast.  I cannot even imagine the tragedy and loss in Japan.  Please Father God... be with our Brothers and Sisters in that country.  Send aid, comfort, provide, save and give them strength in this time of need.

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  1. I sure hope you have gotten to see that new babe! we are so fortunate that our son and dil live just across the field and we farm together, so we see the little ones a lot.
    we are in the middle of calving too, hope it gets over by the middle of April, as we have a trip planned.
    With your quilting, have you ever read the book No Time On My Hands?? it was written by a woman who was born in the 1880s and was a well known quilter.
    well, time to check on the cows!