Monday, May 16, 2011

Changes that were in the Air....

are becoming reality... commonplace... the usual... nothing new....

Schwoo~~  It's been quite a ride the past... um.... let's see... 4 weeks. 

Change 1:  New Job (or old job updated)

Unexpectedly, I was offered a job at our hometown newspaper, as the receptionist, classified ad salesperson and legal notice person.  5 years ago I was the office manager at the small "sister" paper.  While I was very happy at my job at Green Magazine, this was Father God answering prayers, mightily. We've had other changes around here that I can't really write about, since it doesn't concern only me.  Basically I was feeling like I needed to help out more with our budget and I could only cut so much.  Just as I was planning to do some serious second job searching, God put this full-time position in my lap.
After all the usual meetings and interviews and sad "See you soon"s, I started at the paper on the Tuesday after Easter.   
I'm still learning the software and reacquainting myself with the procedures and meeting new customers.  But it's also like coming "home" again, knowing all but 2 of my co-workers.  
(and oh woe... I have to use a PC... NOT a Mac... It has not been fun.  How do you people -who like PCs- use them every single day without pulling your hair out??  Don't  you know there are easier ways to cut & paste, etc...  LOL )

Change 2:  Resurrection Sunday in Ohio with our first-born, his darling wife (our dear daughter-in-love) and our precious, perfect Grand-girlies.  We finally (stupid cows and their calving schedule), got to meet (snuggle, cuddle, hug, kiss, adore) our newest grand-- Brynlie.

Brynlie & Pappo sharing smiles.

Pappo with his girlies (l to r: Kaleigh, Brynlie & Kendalynn)

Change 3:  Looking at the world, extra-ordinarily.  God is working in my life, in the lives of those special to me and I am constantly amazed at His love and concern and grace and mercy.  And His answer to prayers.  (I believe, please help my unbelief....)
While life has me in it's grips, please remember, I'm around somewhere...  I'll be back.


"On my own I am.
Exceedingly plain. Tremendously weak. Ordinary in extra degrees.
Yet through Christ.
I can be.
Exceptionally graced. Completely empowered. Thoroughly gifted.
Extraordinary."  Pastor Aaron Householder, 2009


  1. Glad to see a new post on here. Short daily updates on FB are good but.... ;-)
    Many changes around here too. Due to lots of things I quit my job on April 28th. I'm taking the summer off to regroup and get healthy then hopefully finding something new in the fall. Prayers for you and Prayers for me appreciated.

  2. So glad to see you post about things on the farm. Congratulations on the new job and may it be a happy association for you!

  3. Indeed, good things are on the horizon for you.