Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crying and Corn

Cool in 3D!

The Ohio clan and my precious Pinknesses left this morning for home.  We took them out for breakfast early so they could start out with a good meal, since ds1 does NOT stop for anything other than serious potty breaks and gas.  They have a cooler of food for on the go meals so they won't starve, but we still wanted a little more time with our girlies.

Ice cream silliness

I hate those first few hours after they leave.

Love my Girlies
 Pappo and I always cry when they leave. (they live sooo far away)  and then we have to clean up and put away all the toys and the memories come flooding back.  It's hard for an hour or two.

Being Cute

She just won't stand still!

But if we keep busy and once our house is put back to non-Pinkness, we start to get back to normal ourselves.
I stripped beds and washed bedding to hang on the line.  All the toys were stored back in the basement closet and the books in their container.  The highchair and car seats will be stored in the basement closet as soon as I reorganize the suitcases.

I had an hour or so of work at the office from yesterday, since I left early.  So I went in and finished that up.  A quick Wal-mart trip and home.

Blue-eyed Farmer was hauling bales from the 80, so he was doing his own thing.  I did more laundry and then started in on freezing corn.   Farmer bought 2 dozen ears during the week and we kept it on ice; trying to find an evening when we could have it for supper.  We ran out of evening meals.  And we didn't get it in their van to take home.
From This

To keep from wasting it, I washed, blanched, cut and bagged it.  From those 2 dozen ears, I got 6 quart bags.  They are freezing flat in the big freezer.  The fat calves got the cobs and my plants will get the blanching water after it cools completely.
to This.

(I tried Terri of Blue House Journal's idea of using cooking water on my plants.  I poured the cold water from the hard-cooked eggs on my 2 flower pots out front and they are going bananas.  I guess they liked the little bits of shell and ??  from the eggs.  Thanks Terri for the great idea!)

I used my new Amish tomato knife to cut the corn off the cob as it is super sharp and serrated.  Worked well.  It needed a longer handle to be truly comfortable but for the little bit I had to do, it worked fine.  I also stand my ears, tapered side down, on the middle part of an angel food cake pan, to cut off the kernels.  That way the kernels fall into the pan and not all over the counter/floor/etc.

After I cleaned up the mess (because "doing corn" always makes a mess, no matter how careful you are!); I sat for a few minutes to rest and then took the cobs out to the calves.  Fed the cats.  And slowly ran the hose on the cucumber, summer squash, my potted tomato and the basil & rosemary plants.
Farmer came home from spraying then.  While I waited on the watering, I snipped the tops of the basil that was wanting to go to seed.  I have the basil in the dehydrator now and hope to get many more harvests this summer.  Store-bought dried basil is NOTHING like my home-dried basil.

Brought the bedding in off the line and we are both now showered and fed and relaxing.  It's VERY quiet in our Farmhouse and I miss my girls.  At least I have my memories of all the fun we had and my photos.
And I have some harvests to make the day worthwhile also.

Have a blessed Sunday and tell me if you "do corn" or have started drying your herbs.

** "The best place to be when you're sad is Grandpa's lap." ~Author Unknown


  1. so lovely to have the little uns to stay and collect wonderful memories to keep you warm.

    your corn looks amazing! I love corn on the cob and always make a huge mess eating it lol. I agree that home grown herbs fresh or dried poop all over the store rubbish.

  2. With eggs it's all that calcium that leaches into the water. As for corn and green beans and such that are blanched it's just vitamins and nutrients. The same things that make us grow make plants grow except for meat and sweets, lol. Makes me glad I'm not a plant!

    I'm sure that house seems awfully empty at the moment. I got a call from my children in South Georgia. They are coming up next weekend to celebrate Daniel's 3rd birthday with us. I have four years to enjoy these children and then they mean to go back to the Northwest. Please God let me enjoy as many moments as I can...

  3. Sounds like you are having a busy summer. I bet you are still missing the girlies.

  4.'s good to see you again. :) Your girlies are sweet...what wonderful memories you have made. Hope you can stop by and say hi.