Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sort of a Menu Post.... kind of.... maybe....

I love having company,  and I love preparing for them.  But I tend to buy too much food!  I posted my menu HERE. We didn't eat maybe half of these meals.  Partly because I worked 2 of their 4 days here and we went out one night and had company the last evening, so we got pizza.

Right now I have some of that pizza leftover.  There is lots of milk in the fridge and lots of cheese and plenty of produce.  I shouldn't have to buy much more than maybe some half-n-half & possibly some fruit.

I need to do a pantry & freezer inventory.  Both are stuffed to the gills but I don't really know what's in the back/bottom.
Also, I'd like to be using up what's it getting close to expiration and open up some room for restocking before Winter.

I'll post something of a menu here but it is all subject to change depending on what I find when I do my inventory.

Sunday (today):
Lunch- OUT, Tacos
Supper- Sandwiches, chips, cupcakes

Lunch:  Leftover pizza & salads (pasta or greens), yogurt
Supper:  Grilled steaks or kabobs, new potatoes (on grill?), grilled zucchini, leftover baked beans.

Lunch: Turkey potpie, veggies/dip, grapes,  yogurt
Supper:  Breakfast for Supper- Individual egg & potato casseroles, fruit salad, toast.

Lunch:  Packaged pasta meal (for me), fast food for Farmer
Supper: ??  We are attending an outdoor church concert.

MUCH MUCH Later....... as in Thursday evening.

Well, the week took over and here it is days later & I still haven't finished this post.  So far only Wednesday's supper has been accurate.  oh well....  There's always next week.

Still doing the Pantry Challenge, however.  I stopped by the dreaded Wallyworld after work but only got half-n-half and fruit.  Ds2 was moaning over the lack of fresh fruit for a snack when he comes out after work.   I got nectarines, honeydew melon, Bing cherries, black grapes, apples, 1 avocado (the rest seemed light for their size).  Once home I bagged and refrigerated the sweet corn Farmer shucked for me and then we went by neighbors to get cucumbers they were sharing.

Supper was "What can we find that is quick and easy??" since it was 9 p.m. (again!)  He had a big salad and leftovers.  And I had leftover veggies and pasta.

And now it's 10:30 and time for bed.

Until Next Time,

**Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off. ~Author Unknown

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