Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And so it begins

It begins... the annual Cold & Flu season.

I have it.

langishing, aching till you cry, creeping crud first head cold of the season.

I hate being sick.

And I hate being home sick, with no-one to take care of me.

Woman are usually the care-takers and normally when I'm sick, I'm so sick that I want to be left alone so I can die in peace. But today I want someone to tuck me in, bring me hot lemon & honey, make me some soup and say "Poor Baby."

As I look around, the only one I see is.... Me.

So, this is what I did:

Took the leftover sauce, broth, bones, skin from Monday evening's dinner.....

Added some baby carrots and leftover mashed potatoes and....

Some of my good home-dried veggies: onions, asparagus ends, shredded zucchini & ground up misc. veggies (tomatoes, mushroom, celery, more asparagus, more carrots and I don't know what else.)

I'm letting it simmer and stew and in a few hours I'll add this...

Thank goodness I made that chicken Monday night
and thank goodness I had those noodles in the freezer.

I will NOT be eating this....

And while it cooks itself into health-restoring golden goodness,
I'll be ensconced here.....

But first I had to move this.... (thanks alot Farmer-dear... unhappy smileys )

I feel a nap coming my way....

Hope all my Dear Readers stay healthy,
Germ-free Cyber Hugs!
Kay~ **achooo! Sniffle.... B~L~O~W~~~~**

––"Bundle me up in an old, worn quilt with hand sewn stitches, and soft cotton batting.
Place a book on my lap, a cup of tea in my hand, a light by my side,
and leave me in a world of rest and delight."
~Roy Lessin


  1. Sorry to hear that you under the weather!! The quilt sure looks cozy though... :)

    Our new address is:
    691 Grover Road
    Milford, NE 68405

    You'll have to stop by and see us sometime!!!

  2. Thanks Bethany! I will, as soon as I'm healthy again!!