Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The test of farming

Over the past year I've gotten so tired of hearing "city folks" complain about the high cost of everything and then blame it on the farmer. Yes, grain prices are good, but we don't set them. And ethanol isn't raising the prices.

Others forget that Farm families have to eat, drive, LIVE too and we have the same if not higher expenses than town people.

I found a great series on farming in (of all places) Gourmet magazine's web site. Go to the second page to start at the beginning of the series.
Our farm is not as large as any of these featured, but we have the same concerns, the same costs and the same expectations.

Support the local farmers. They are growing your next meal.

Kay~ (getting down off her soap box now)

––"Farming is about growing food, and being a steward of the land. Farmers talk about soil and fertility and community. Farming is a human-scale enterprise."
~~Sam Hurst, Gourmet Magazine 2008


  1. Greetings! I just came across your blog and have enjoyed browsing through it. I noticed that you are from southeast Nebraska . . . we just got back from a trip to this beautiful state Sunday. (Every year we have a family reunion in Nebraska as most of our family lives there. :)

  2. So, tell me about your photos Miss Kay!
    And, yes it is very frustrating when people are clueless and they think they know it all!

  3. Welcome Sarah! How did you find my blog? (just curious)

    Nebraska is wonderful this time of year. Warm enough & cool enough to be enjoyable.

    @SparkieL: What do you want to know? ;o)

  4. Kay, you deserve to be on the soapbox. I certainly appreciate all the hard work farmers do. So many people are clueless. And when I have the opportunity to fill them in on farming, I do.

  5. To answer your question, Kay, I found your blog through a comment you left on the Wissmann family's blog. :)

  6. Um yeah! Right there with ya, sistah! I get tired of trying to "justify" how farming works (prices, inputs). We sometimes get called those"Rich Land Barons." Hate that. Loved the site.

    Bonezee is going after thistles in his chem fallow. He is such an inventor. How's the corn yielding?

    btw, I can't reply on your xanga site, so please please keep this one. and can I borrow your soap box when you're done?