Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I **heart** my Digital Camera!

Ok, if you don't care in the least about random photos, then just stop now and go find another blog to read. I won't mind. Really... it's ok. **waiting for the dust to clear** angel smileys

For the rest of you....

I told you all I'm following The Pioneer Woman's photography blog. A recent "assignment" was to take pre-dawn photos. Miz Booshay, another contributor to the site, has been giving tips on aperture and shutter speed.
This morning I "played" and here are the results:

None of these started out this good, I found some tweaking with iPhoto effects and levels helped a lot. Not as user-friendly or as complete as Photoshop, but usable for now.

Ready for some more?

Again, some "creative" iPhoto tweaking in the color & exposure realm.

And if you are still with me, dealing with exposure and shapes:

I was trying to capture the circles of light in the rectangles.

All this photo taking and tweaking is taking my mind off those cute shoes....maybe....

Farmer-dear is off cutting more soybeans. I helped get him moved to this field with the trucks and am now home with my phone at my side, just in case.
I'm off to prep some meatloaf muffins, new potatoes, acorn squash, spinach salad, both for me, and home-made biscuits. I thought about an apple pie, but there is no vanilla ice cream in the freezer so it'll have to wait until Sunday.

––"Never lose your sense of wonder and whimsy,
or you'll lose a part of your soul."
~Eulalie M. Banks


  1. Gorgeous! You've lost me on all the editing stuff (I'm a camera dummy), but I'll definitely have to try taking some early morning photos.

  2. Look how crafty you are, mrs! I really like the one with the flowers.

    How's bean harvest progressing? Yield ok? We got a bit of rain here and Bonezee has found a new to him wheat truck. He's a happy camper.

  3. You are doing great photo art Dear Kay!!!