Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prompted by Tea Lady's recent post (go HERE to read about her shopping trip), I had to tell you about my last 2 stops at my favorite thrift store.

You know I'm all hopped up on getting ready for the holidays. I found my Autumn leaf garlands there for a couple of dollars. There were enough in the bag to decorate my kitchen. $2

I collect vintage Cmas LPs from the 1960s.

Those are "real" Christmas songs for me. I had 2 of the Firestone albums. By searching Ebay I found there are 7 in the set. At the thrift store I found the remaining 4 and the start of my Good Year Christmas Album Collection.

LPs are 50¢ because no one wants them (and they are not in perfect condition but for 50¢ I can watch for a new one if one is too scratched.) $2.50

I found a wine colored longer lightweight cardigan for these Autumn days, that looks brand new. $3.50

The store has their Christmas area set up in the basement. I'm so glad I went down to take a look. I found a red fleece throw with an appliqued Gingerbread man design, still in the original ribbon wrapper for $1.
I also found a small wrot iron tea candle holder with evergreen & ribbon for 75¢ for my desk at work.

I always look at the books there and found a almost brand new paperback book for my boss. I gave him a hardback for his birthday this week by the same author and then found this one. And a couple of other books that he may like. Just because... $2.50
I found 2 books on tape for me to listen to while sewing. $2

And I have my silent bid in on a platter and vegetable bowl in pattern my maternal grandma gave me. The bluebirds!

(while hunting for a photo of this china, since mine is all packed away, I found out it's from the 1920s, rare and either Hopewell or Henry Laughlin china.)

The shop has their "better" items up for silent open auction, starting at $1. I really like the PINK enamel tea kettle. So do alot of other folks. lol It was at $59 on Friday.

So my total for this week was $14.25 and alot of fun hunting. I need to go back. I have my eye on a sewing machine cabinet for $7 if it will work with any of my vintage Singers.

And on a totally unrelated note.... go HERE for some Happy puppy fun. I have it on all the time and I really LOL at their antics.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

–– "The way to wealth depends on just two words, industry and frugality."
- Benjamin Franklin


  1. Hi-thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a sweet comment too! I live in North Dakota but I have many friends from Gering and some now live in Lincoln.

    For now I must run and get ready for church! Have a great day - I will stop in again soon.

    By the way...great thrift finds...I am no so lucky at finding great things here.

  2. OOO I love the bluebird pattern.

    I think one of your next thrift trips should be dedicated to finding a pretty hutch to display it!

    Things of beauty should be displayed...otherwise....?

  3. I remember those Christmas albums. My parents had them and I used to play them over and over and over all holiday season. I used some angel candles in our Nativity Scene and choreograph a concert with them to the music. Thanks for the memories.