Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Random Thoughts Post

Busy.... but want to visit with all of my readers..... no time to plan & edit and make it pretty, so this will be another random thoughts posting....

1 large pumpkin & 2 smaller pumpkins + baking and blending and draining = 10 cups of pumpkin pulp now freezing in 1 cup blobs for future pies, bread and desserts. Something good from what what might have been just thrown away.

The new SunHeat heater is working great. We are able to keep the furnace on 62-64° and it is very comfortable on the main floor. We added the humidifier now and my lips and hands are happier.

Working ALOT now as the Christmas season is here. Orders coming in and going out. I like playing Santa's helper.

Trying to understand how some women do not like to cook..... but then maybe they don't understand my disdain for mowing.....

Christmas gifts purchased online are arriving. BIG boxes stacked in the garage when I arrive home from work. I need to start wrapping.

I was able to get some decorations up on Saturday. Not the tree or the Christmas Village yet, but hopefully this week. One batch of cookies made and almost all eaten. More this week too.

Things can't be too bad economically. Butter was on sale today for $1.78 per pound; cheese at $1.48 a 12-oz package; sugar, pop, chips, tomato juice, bread.... all on sale. (I'm sorry about the chips and pop. They are for Farmer-dear....really! I don't drink Dr. Pepper or eat too many Doritos.)
I'm still thankful for stores that "price match."

Wonderful times at church lately. Thank you Pastor Aaron! The Spirit is moving at Southview. I love that the alter is open now and we are taking advantage of it. May it continue.

If you found you had to register, ask to be allowed in, emailed me for a "What's up with your Blog?"....sorry. I've needed to add some moderation to my site.

I have photos of my recent cookie baking and my pumpkin mess but I'm not happy with my recent photo quality. Not sure if it's the lighting & my yellow walls or my messing with the camera settings but they are coming out very sallow and ugly. And Farmer-dear says no-one wants to see photos of pumpkin pulp blobs. If you do, then leave a comment saying you do, so I can prove him wrong. LOL

Hope this made some sense. Have a wonderful week! Celebrate Christmas this year, not just X-mas. (thanks again Pastor Aaron)


––"One sprig of holly in a house filled with love and contentment
is better than a house full of garlands without love."
~~from Elsa Connors column, Woman's Day magazine, December, 1939


  1. I liked your random post! One of my pet peaves is when people write Xmas for Christmas.....Love your quote from Woman's is SO true!

    Have a great day.

    PS would love to see your pumpkin blob!!! ha ha

  2. I agree with your Pastor. Let's not X Christ out of Christmas. I get the creeps when people call it X-Mas. After all Jesus is the reason for the season.

  3. Well--I already commented on this post but I wanted to stop in and say howdy anyway! Hope all is well with you and yours!!!!