Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This touched me deeply today. Thank you Pastor! ( http://aaronhouseholder.blogspot.com/ )

"You yearn for a holy place because the stench of your unholiness, your un-separateness, your common, petty guile and smallness, is sometimes so stark that you would sooner go without air than breathe it in. You yearn for a holy place even if you think you may be damned, because to be in it is to know, only fleetingly, only with darkened gaze, that there is something more than you and the things that are so very much like you.

Your heart and flesh cry out for a space that is more than just a meeting house for commemoration and remembrance and symbols. You are desperate for a space where the God who is a love you can scarcely think on waits to commune with your pale, quavering soul. A place that is holy because it embraces the great mystery of death begetting life, of the tomb containing joy, of sorrow and hope intertwined in a world that would deny you your full portion of both.

You are desperate for the soft spilling light of sun pouring through stained glass, for the rustle of your clothes as you kneel, for the cross by which even someone like you might be healed, for the trembling prayer, the whispered blessing. You cry out for a place that will remain holy even after you have been in it. A place so holy that you pose no threat to it, so holy that it can embrace you in all your smallness and be no smaller itself, no less clean nor true nor solid."

Praying for Revival!

The Revival Hymn
**"The world out there is not waiting for a new definition of Christianity,
it's waiting for a new DEMONSTRATION of Christianity!" -
Paris Reidhead, preacher from the 30s-40s
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  1. I like your pictures and the Revival Hymn. All of them are lovely. Carol in SW IN