Saturday, August 1, 2009

Catching Up

Thanks for being patient and waiting for me to come back, friends. I've had some short, random musing posts, but I have more I want to share.

It was a great time having the girlies here for 2 weeks in June. I have a few photos to share soon. We enjoyed (almost) every second with them. (ok, there were a few minutes on a couple of nights when someone couldn't sleep that I wasn't too happy with....)

We had a family wedding in June also. Congratulations to Matt & Jo!! My youngest sister's son. It was a beautiful wedding and fun. The girls made a new friend at the reception/dinner so that was fun for them and kept them occupied. I was honored to help cut the cake with my other sisters.

We also had a week of Vacation Bible School while the girls were here. The girls got to join the 4-year olds class. Schwooo.... they have lots of energy and then plonk! They fade fast at about 8 p.m.
The highlight of the week was the Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Bird in the skits. I thought maybe he would be a bit scary for the kids but they all loved his antics (hiding, sneaking around, the chase-scene). I hope there will be photos of him available so I can share them. It was very cute. Good Job- Daphne, Tamara, the Buresh boys and Randall!!

I flew the girls home on the 29th. They were excellent travelers and we had no problems at all. I hated to see them go off with Mommy and it was a bit lonely here on the Farm the next day, but it was time. They all missed each other. I am looking forward to next year's visit and hopefully Mommy & Daddy can come for the 4th.

On the Prairie Farm--

Now that the girls' visit is over and the wedding is past, as well as the 4th of July & wheat harvest; we are in summer down-time. My Blue-eyed Farmer has cut the alfalfa again and got the prairie hay all baled up and home.

Normally this time of year, we are thinking of painting something outside but ick! The north door on the big barn needs to be painted. The garage (especially the back side). And the wash-house. The wash-house might have to wait as there is a nest of hornets lodged on the SW corner. We've sprayed them once but I still see some flying around the place in the afternoons.
I suppose I'll get around to some of that painting later this month or in September.

The gardens are sad, sad, Sad! After I burnt my arm, I kept out of the grass & weeds so I wouldn't get it infected. I'm all healed up now and must do something with that mess.

I worked on the long bed east of the porch but it really needs weed cloth, edging and mulch. Now that we made the front beds look so nice the rest of them look trashy. It's a work in progress...

The potato & tomato garden isn't too bad. The potatoes should be dug now. The tomatoes are loaded with fruit but they aren't ripening. I've been picking a few cucumbers and the Swiss Chard is going strong. And I have a volunteer spaghetti squash vine growing like crazy! :oD

I ordered five new day lilies from Papa Geno's website. Scroll down to the red collection. I've thoroughly enjoyed my lilies this year. Most of the ones I got as bare root stock last year are thriving. There are a few in some poor soil on the SW corner of the house I need to move. Just can't decide where to put 2 more "Stella" daylilies. Maybe by the culvert that goes under the driveway.

Well, that's some of the newest happenings on the prairie farm. I haven't even touched on the new power line going in behind the place, the dirt we've gotten from them. I have some new recipes to share and those photos of the girls and the new bedroom.
Soon, I promise.

Now it's time to figure out what we're having for supper. I think it'll be CORN (Clean Out [the] Refrigerator Night). lol

Have a wonderful, relaxing Saturday evening!

** "If you are single, there is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday Night.... Your Friends." ~Sarah Jessica Parker

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