Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Trip Around the Sun

I just took a look back in the archives. We started harvest in 2008 on Sept. 25. We would have started this year on Sept 26, if it hadn't have rained on the 25th. And here we thought we were sooo late in getting started this year. We're right on schedule! Interesting....

And another interesting fact, I had my first bout of the crud last year this very same week! Given that fact, I guess I have to call this stuff, "Bad Allergies", rather than a bad cold.

I spent the weekend, digging up all the potatoes; weeding all the weeds from the flower bed and berm (photo soon) and coughing.

What were you doing a year ago?


** “As a matter of fact, you know I am rather sorry you should see the garden now,
because, alas! it is not looking at its best. Oh, it doesn't compare to what it was last year.”
~~Ruth Draper


  1. We (and I use the term royally)helping a guy over west gather bulls. won't go there anymore but that's a whole different story:)

  2. After reading your blog post this a.m. - I went back to read my own from last year. Last year I was still on WW - but I must have been doing better then I'm doing now - because I got less points then, then I do now. Big sigh. But, perhaps some inspiration to get me to finish 2009 strong ! Wonder where I'll be this time next year? As long as my family is healthy - I don't think I really care :)