Tuesday, September 22, 2009


1. I'm still alive, but a bit congested in head and chest. My typical way of handling a cold is to have it settle down in my chest and hack/cough/bark for a while.

My dear Blue-eyed Farmer got before the crack of dawn and was kind enough to let me sleep. He reset the alarm so I would actually wake up for work. That was so nice. I guess I'll keep him. **grin**

2. The Wild Yeasties were Not captured in this first try, so I plan to buy a loaf of sour dough bread at the store today and leave a slice or two near my next batch.

I had such high hopes with the first one seeing all the bubbles right away. This time I'll try the pineapple juice route. Maybe the pastureized apple juice I used, didn't allow the yeast to live?

3. I forgot to mention that I have actually been down in the sewing room, working on more Brenda's Roses blocks. I had a siggie block to make for a friend (that will be sent off today) and worked for another hour on sewing triangles to center squares. I wish there was an easier way to do find the centers without finger pressing each piece. I'm over half done with that part and the rest will just be HST and block assembly.

I'd love to go down there now, but fuzzy cold-infected brains do not mix well with sewing machines, irons and rotary cutters.

4. Blue-eyed Farmer and ds2 worked more on getting the combine prepped for harvest. The rain we had yesterday and the cool weather now (46° this morning!!), should push the beans along.

I'm thinking of easy meals I can make for those evenings. Not huge meals because who wants that after 9 p.m., but something nutritous. Small well-balanced portions.
Mini meatloaf, individual scalloped potatoes, easy lasagna, individual frittata cups are a few of the recipes on my list.

5. With the turning of the season comes the end of the garden work for me. It is not entirely over just yet but it's time to start putting it to bed for winter.

I have a huge job of weeding to do first. Farmer-dear wants to just mow off my flower bed and I won't let him. Yes, it is a horrible mess and full of waist high weeds. Something had to give this year and that was it. (stupid horr0r-moans)
I am going to pull all those weeds and hope he has time to help me move the mulch to that bed.

There is a gate to be painted. And maybe some barn doors.

The Swiss Chard will be need to be cut and froze or dried.

My tomatoes are still going strong. I'll just enjoy picking them and eating them until they freeze

Potatoes are getting dug little by little. And the sweet potatoes will be dug at first frost.

Several herbs need to be potted up to be brought inside for the winter.

And the new day lilies need to be planted outside for next year.

Thankfully most of these jobs can be done in small increments of time so shouldn't interfer with harvest and some necessary Fall house-cleaning.

How will you be getting ready for the colder months? What jobs are on your To Do list?


** "Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."
-- William Cullen Bryan

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  1. I hope you feel better soon! My garden is a weedy mess but we've been having so many rainy days that I just haven' been able to get out to do anything about it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck in the drawing for the book!