Monday, September 21, 2009

It was only a matter of time

La Vie Parisienne, Erotica Bedrooms Magazine, France, 1938

The blue-eyed Farmer had it, so I knew it was probably only a matter of time and then yesterday around the sanctuary at church, the accompany to the singing and sermon was "sniffle", "cough", "cough", "cough", "sniffle."

There is cement in my head, pain in every joint and my nose constantly drips. I've had 2 naps and think I'm heading back to my bed.

But first, I did want to report about my sour dough starter.
I'm onto Day 2 with trapping the Wild Yeasties. There was bubbling a few hours after the initital mixing. Now, not so much but we'll see what happens with the latest addition of whole wheat flour and apple juice.

Be well all. Remember to wash your hands, use the hand sanitizer and cough into your elbow.
Off to find my bed again...

Waving from afar,


  1. I got up at 3 stayed up till 6 back to bed till 11 up till 1:30 back to bed till 3:30 up again but I think bedtime will be early tonight. Hopefully I can go to work tomorrow but not sure. no fever just a head cold and sore throat and very tired.

  2. Get better soon eh! I'd have let him keep his bug ;)