Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Thoughts Again

This is not the post I hinted at yesterday... that one is still incubating or maybe it's hybernating or possibly postulating? Or maybe my brain is just too full of all this fun that I'm holding it over until later.

Randomness becomes me...


"Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of youthful looks." — Charles Dickens

There's hope for me yet, for I try to be cheerful and content in my life.

2. The Tractor Widow rocks my world! Pioneer Woman is so 2008. (and I have not really enjoyed her blog since she's become so much more "commercial." All the give-aways and now the cookbook. She's lost some of her 'rural-ness', IMHO)

Go HERE for The Tractor Widow's blog. It's fresh and new. Become one of her followers. It's lonely there, just the few of us.

3. I'm swooning over these: Nebraska made Batik fabrics! Mollie is the little sister of a quiltie/doll-making/fitness guru friend of mine. **waving to Anne** I want the whole line!

4. I did a little shopping this week. **big grin** Stacy & Clinton are right... you have to try stuff on!

Victoria's Secret
(sorry-- some articles of clothing just shouldn't be in public view, but this is the color. **wink**)CJ Banks

CJ Banks

Coldwater Creek (how I love that store!)

5. If you are shopping and are impatient; maybe if you give me the chance, I might say, "Please, go ahead of me. I'm not in a hurry." But if you assert yourself over me and are rather rude, I am going to give you a baleful* look and think unkind thoughts about you. And maybe write about you on my blog. Just saying....

*(baleful |ˈbālfəl|
threatening harm; menacing )

And lastly....

6. I want to wish my wonderful bosses, Richard & Carol, a Happy 25 years of The Green Magazine!!

They sent out the very first issue in November, 1984. We honored them today, as the 2009 November issue was being mailed. Congratulations Green Magazine!!

These are just a few of my random thoughts tonight.


** "The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory."
~Paul Fix


  1. I read The Tractor Widow and it isn't me. I'll stick with Ree. The new clothes and batiks look fab!

  2. I still read PW, but maybe she's been traveling & entertaining too much this year? I was hoping for more home & garden & basic cooking. I keep forgetting she is a wealthy rancher's wife, not a small farmer's wife like me.
    As time goes by, the Delaware-based TW may pale for me too.

  3. I still read PW but I do hate the monotony of it some days. 23 pictures of the same person is nuts. Give me humor and how to do it; That's what I like......and you of course ;)

  4. lol I was at cj banks last night and bought the green sweater lol great minds..................