Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flea markets & Daffodils

It was a whirlwind day of cattle moving, front-end loader lessons, the city flea market & antique show and groceries.

Remaining twin and mama are in the lot with the rest of the bouncing, tearing around babies. On bovine maternity watch over the red heifer, "Horny" and #23. I never thought I'd ever be so interested in the business end of a cow or her udder.

Blue-eyed Farmer sorted Amos the bull and a calm cow out of the herd and they are enjoying a vacation together in the South pen. It has been a hard start to the calving season with all the cold temps and snow, so we're going to adjust the breeding to be a little later next year.

The Blue-eyed one had a brain storm and decided to make life a little easier for himself and brought a bale ring to put inside their pen.
Imagine a log chain attached to the front end loader, the other end attached to this large round ring. The loader is lifted up high and the bale ring is swinging like a pendulum.
Imagine one nervous Farmer's Wife in the tractor seat having to learn how to raise and lower the bucket as the Farmer maneuvers it over the fence.
Do not imagine the following 15 mins of tears, yelling, hysterics and some boiling-over PMS hormones.
Let's just remember that anything said in the heat of the moment while working with cattle does not count and should not be taken seriously. 'Nuff said.

We then cleaned up and my still beloved Blue-eyed Farmer took me to the Flea-Market and Antique show in the city. It is soo not his thing... so you know I'm still his beloved too.

The first room was a bust and I was afraid it was going to be more flea market with the die cast models and flags and tee-shirts, etc. But the main room was full of good booths.
Some vendors were not looking to bargain much on this first day of the show. Maybe those are the going prices on "E" site or in the Antique Mall but this is a flea market show. Cut us a break here!
And then there were a few who wanted to sell and priced accordingly.
A few prizes that I let get away....
•Old silverware stamped with herb names for plant markers. Loved them but 3/$10 was a bit much for my first booth stop.

• Old early plastic doll house furniture, just like we played with when me & my sisters were growing up. (Mom! Are there any of those older pieces left from the doll houses??? )
I left these today because they were about $20 per room set. But oh I loved the cute white and blue kitchen, the nursery with baby in the buggy, the grand piano, the parlor couch....sigh~~~~

• A oh-so-sweet little guy's western outfit from the 40s-50s. Shirt, jacket, neck kerchief, guns, boots and red felt hat. There was a Gene Autry book at another booth and I'll bet there was a Hop-A-Long Cassidy or Roy Rogers movie in one of those booths too. I wanted it so badly.

• And at my favorite vendor's booth, the cutest little vintage electric fan, for $10. I may dream of this one....

While I left all those prizes for someone else, I did come home with these:

Here is the entire group.

Aren't the illustrations so vintagey (new word) and sweet.
I know!! **hearing squeals** The bottom is the sugar holder and the rollers are the salt & pepper shakers. It will be a partner to my red & white stove.

Did you know I collect red & white crocheted potholders. I have 12 now and a few more others in greens and pinks.

And this vintage Christmas tablecloth! $6!! I couldn't snatch it up fast enough!

My poor Farmer... he followed along, endured my squeals of delight, held my shopping bag and handed me $$. I definitely will keep him (despite what was said during the loader/bale ring escapade. Poor thing.)

After we saw all there was to see there, it was off for some lunch and a Sam's Club visit (toilet paper, jeans for Farmer and reading glasses for him.... LOL... that just is all so wrong, listed together for him.)
And then the grocery store for bag salad, baby carrots, avocados, mushrooms, corn meal, chili beans, pecan halves, chocolate nut mix (purely for medicinal and....


Because I could not take another day without some promise of Spring.


** "No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn". ~Hal Borland


  1. I could use me a dose of daffy's here these days. We use about 16 bale feeders around here in the winter and it's become old hat moving them hither and yon....practice makes perfect. I LOVE the crochet!! Now that I know you collect "red" I'll keep my eye peeled. I got three of my cookbooks Friday. Lots to learn.

  2. I have some of the very same pot holders in red (and blue) with roses crocheted into them; mine were done by aunts, etc and are some of my prized posessions.. I just had to look over more of your blog after the Sepia Sat post. And I do believe I have the very same tablecloth from an aunt which is barely used! Mine came from PA!