Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu for 2/28 - 3/6/10

Tammy at Living Dangerously While Eating: Menu Monday reminded me to post my week's menu when I read hers.

(btw-- doesn't a turkey dinner sound good right now?)

Sunday: Tex-Mex because my Farmer loves me and knew I needed it!

Monday: Bbq Hamballs (because I love him), mashed or baked potatoes, roasted carrots.

Tuesday: B4S Night- Pancakes and sausage, fruit

Wednesday: Grilled (broiled) Salmon from last week's menu, salad of some kind, rice pilaf and rye bread

Thursday: Baked potato soup, baby carrots or bag salad

Friday: Honey Lemon Cornish Hen (for me) and ?? for him....maybe chicken strips and french fries?; leftover rice pilas, leftover broccoli salad and whatever bread is still fresh. (Pantry challenge meal!)

Saturday: Lunch- Frozen pizza (but a good kind) & salad. Dinner- Grilled polish sausages because it's suppose to be near 50° this weekend!, chips, beans, maybe potato salad or pasta salad. :oD

More on my recipes as the week progresses.


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