Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The good and the bad

Let's start with the bad.... Both the Farmer and his Wife battling head/chest colds.

Good.... We're slowly getting over them. Zicam is a very good thing.

Good.... First calves of the 2010 season.

Bad.... Born on a COLD evening.

Good.... Twins & easily gotten to the barn with mama.

Very bad.... both contracted something and have died. Second after spending 2.5 days in the mudroom and having scours.
Very bad.... cleaning up the scours mess on Valentine's morning while sick with a bad cold. (or maybe that's a "good" since I couldn't breath very well.)

More bad.... blizzard warnings for Valentine's Day morning.

Good.... we were stuck at home and were safe and sound.

Good.... Taxes are done and away.

Good.... The sun shone today.

Good.... Cinnamon rolls are on their final rise.

Bad... My rocker chick was not in the Final 24 on American Idol. (Yes, I know, I'm pathetic that way.)

Good... Found 4 old high school friends on Facebook and the wife of a fifth.

Very Good.... at least 6 new babies or pregnant mommys in my circle of friends.

Good... Packages of books, new shoes, a new LBD and a new eye-liner that advances and works great for me.

Bad (or not as good).... new shoes are not cute, but functional. Winter/mud/snow means warm, sturdy shoes, not cute shoes.

VERY Good... Almighty God is still on His Throne and I am still saved, forgiven and free!

'Nuff said!


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  1. Well I am glad that there are more GOODS than bads! :) Hope you and hubby get over your colds soon. Come say hi! :)