Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Menu for the week

I'm home today and have tons to do, but thought I'd take few moments while eating my lunch (yes, at the computer. It's my computer and I'm an adult, so Hush! lol).

Sunday- Lunch at Famous Dave's with BFFs, we left stuffed so supper ended up being the candy/snackies we ate in the afternoon during our Wii tournament.

Monday- Homemade pizza with whole-wheat crust, our beef and some mini pepperonis we got as samples at the Wine & Food Expo. They added some flavor without being a big greasy piece of pepperoni. I still prefer turkey pepperoni.
And no vegetable or salad. We were tired and hungry after doing some cattle work outside. It was all I could do to get the pizza done.

Tuesday- our typical Breakfast for Supper night (B4S). French toast to use up the loaf of store bread on the counter; canned fruit or applesauce; and some of our new bacon, making enough for 2 more recipes. Our new bacon less salty than store bacon which is good because Blue-eyed Farmer just salts his French Toast. I know.... it's a genetic thing with him. His dad used to do that and his sister still does. I need to ask his aunt if she eats it that way. Too weird, but I still love him.

Wednesday- Broiled Salmon, broccoli-raisin-bacon salad (for me)/bag salad (for him), rice pilaf, rye bread (if needed) and individual apple crisps. It's suppose to be really cold on Wed. so I'll use my oven to heat the kitchen. I'll bake some potatoes for soup on Thursday & fried potatoes on Friday and bake some brownies or bars for dessert later in the week.

Thursday- Baked Potato Soup, baby carrots and brownie/bars for dessert.

Friday- Pan-roasted chicken, hash browns/fried potatoes, steamed broccoli (for me)/canned peas (for him), biscuits, bars or ice cream for dessert.

Saturday- Lunch: Chicken salad wraps, carrots, chips (for him), apple for dessert; Dinner: Tacos (either beef or chicken if there is alot of chicken left from Friday), Mexican rice (using leftover pilaf) and custard for dessert.

We are implimenting another month or so of Pantry Challenge menus, due to some upcoming bills and watching "Horders" on History Challenge.
OMStars!!! I believe in having a well-stocked pantry but I need to move some food out and replace it with new and cut down on the amounts. I'd like to have a firmer grasp on exactly what we eat in a 3-month time span.
I'm going to be culling out some kitchenware too. Who needs a small, medium and large food processor? (Granted the small is a handy chopper and the other 2, they were thrift store purchases but seriously.... 3?!)
It's time to go through the food magazines and cookbooks again. And I've gotten away from storing most leftovers in plasticware. I'll keep a few small bowls for lunch salads, but we use glass for anything that needs reheating. I do use tupperware for storage but am on the lookout for large glass jars.

Lunchtime is over and I need to go check on a mama cow in the north pen.
Anyone else planning menus today or planning another Pantry Challenge month?


** "We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink..."

[Update: Found a recipe for Quiche HERE and it sounds soooo good. Zoomie's posts almost always make me hungry! lol I need something quick for breakfasts as I've been doing with a protein bar and a piece of cheese lately. So since Blue-eyed One will enjoy his French toast, I think I'll see what I can find to make individual quiches in muffin tins. I know I have some asparagus in the fridge, some garlic cheese curds and bacon. I don't need crust, unless I'd line the cups with some olive oil brushed tortillas? I'll let you know...]

[Update to the update: Ended up going into town with B-E Farmer, after we chored. He had a chiropractor appointment and then he stopped at W-m. I got bare essentials, like rye bread & crisp rice cereal for his treats. And then since I made some phone calls for him, he took me out for salads and bread sticks. The menu above will just be moved down a day.]


  1. I will join you in another pantry challenge for sure.... actually I've never stopped completely... I have gone and purchased a food that I crave occasionlly or if something is a super good sale.
    I rarely plan menus since I live alone. I just eat whatever I want on any given day... making sure to eat leftovers too.
    Weezie in Alberta, Canada

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