Monday, July 19, 2010


So... It was HOT this weekend. As in too hot to think, to sit, to work, to cook! Of course that was the day we hauled big round bales. Kind of like this day...

By evening I was pretty much "done," but hungry since earlier it had only been water, string cheese, a tuna sandwich and baby carrots. I've been reading my food/cooking magazines and came across this recipe for Shrimp Kabobs. I knew I had frozen shrimp in the freezer and veggies in the fridge.

In the end I didn't have smoked paprika (it's not carried in my small-town grocery), so I just winged it with a marinade of EVOO, lemon juice, a little water, some Canadian steak seasoning (just black pepper, salt, onion and garlic) I chunked up some zucchini, and red peppers, mushrooms and a small onion from the garden. I marinaded the veggies with the shrimp for 30-40 mins. After that savory bath, I alternated the zuc, pepper and shrimp. I tried to get the mushrooms and onion chunks to cooperate, but they chose to break apart, so they were cooked in the grill basket and were just as yummy.

The recipe also called for sausage but warned about using cooked sausage so everything would be done at the same time. While I was making kabobs for me (Cooking for One), I was also grilling some Jalapeno-Cheddar Brats for Farmer-Dear from the Cordova Locker. (Love this place! Al & Jeniece do a wonderful job and care about their customers.) I just didn't think I could put the sausage with my shrimp and have it all come out done the same. Turns out I could have.
When I ate the leftovers, I sliced up half of a brat and heated it with the shrimp-veggie combo and it added just the right amount of heat & spice.

So no photos but you know what shrimp and veggies look like, so just take my word for it... they were beautiful and go forth and grill!!


** “Food is, delightfully, an area of licensed sensuality,
of physical delight which will, with luck and enduring
taste buds, last our life long.”
~ Antonia Till


  1. That sounds wonderful Miss Kay!I can almost smell it cooking now!

  2. That sounds gorgeous! Wonder if scallops would do well on the grill like that...

  3. I bet they would! I just like shrimp better than scallops. Or chicken. Yum!

  4. My word it has been a long time since I've been here, I'm sorry - life kind of got in the way, lol!! Sure wish there were pics of the shrimp kabobs, lol, I'm sooooo hungry now!! Will try to do better at visiting!!

    God Bless,

  5. Gretchen! Hi!! It has been a long time. Is your blog still up? I'll go take a look. :oD

  6. Mmmmmm.....sounds tasty! I'm lovin lookin through your blog!