Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can you Can-Can?

Susan at The T-Cozy asked in a recent post, if anyone canned fruits and vegetables anymore?  Do We??!! 

I canned 18 half-pints of sweet pickle relish last evening from too-big cucumbers my dear neighbor gave me.  I juiced a flat of her tomatoes and have that freezing in some retangle-shaped pyrex dishes to use in chili this winter. 

I'm watching the pear trees around here and hope to can Farmer-dear some pear halves or else I'll dry some slices. 

And then this fall I need to make some apple pie filling and can it and also make some apple butter and applesauce. 
These fruits usually come to me for free also and I hate to waste anything like this. 

I haven't done much drying this summer simply because there hasn't been much to dry.  And my jars of dried foodstuffs are pretty full right now.  I'm watching my basil and thyme plants and will be sure to harvest them before the first frost.  I love the dried basil I did the last 2 years.  It smells so fresh whenever I open the jar.
I'll probably be drying onions when we pull those from the weedy garden. 

Not a huge amount of preserving going on here but enough.  It's another of my Simple Pleasures.  :)

What about you dear Puffins?  Do you "can" or is that for old women back in the 40s?  Would you like to learn how to can/preserve?  Is there a need, still, for these skills in this day?  

I'm interested in your thoughts.

And to firmly establish my identity with the Old-fashioned Ladies.... I'm off to sew on my quilt blocks. 


** "I got the blues thinking of the future, so I left off and made some marmalade.  It's amazing how it cheers one up to shred oranges and scrub the floor."  ~D.H. Lawrence


  1. I still can....tomatoes for sure but if there's apples I do them and maybe some fruit if it's not too expensive. I find that you can buy fresh stuff nearly year 'round and it's not as expensive as it was at one time.....still I DO like to can for the record.

  2. I am a canner! I can whatever comes out of the garden that we can't eat fresh. My garden is small, but this year I have canned strawberry rhubarb jam, boysenberry jam, pineapple apricot jam (bought the apricots), 21 pints of green beans so far. My tomatoes are not ripe yet, but I have zucchinis to dry or freeze. I froze a bunch of corn I got very cheap. I consider gardening and canning/freezing/drying my financial contribution to our household, especially important now, because DH has been out of work for over 6 months.

  3. I did some canning just this afternoon! My parents had an apple tree killed in a storm last weeks so they brought me a ton of apples. I'm making applebutter for Christmas gifts.

  4. Your canning endeavors are so inspiring! Wish I could do the same.