Friday, August 6, 2010

A little Thriftiness

Again... I love Thriftiness.  As in Shops and in finances.

We have been VERY thrifty here on the Prairie Farm.  It's as if the rest of the country's financial woes finally caught up with us here in the middle states.  Actually, it's just that we've had some major repair bills this past spring and Farmer-dear did not plant any winter wheat last fall, hence, no mid-summer cash flow.  We'll make up for it come fall and the extra corn & bean acres, but it's a bit of an adjustment right now. 

So seeing how the bank account is hurting a bit, we've been staying home more.  Eating "out" less (alot less) and conserving where we can.  It's good for our bank account and good for our waistlines. 
It is hard on my creativitiy, however.  I've been cooking some on the grill.  I refuse to use the oven when it's over 90° outside.  So it's been salads, sandwiches, fruit and stove-top meals.

I'm running out of hot-weather meal ideas.  We're getting tired of the same-old, same-old.  But thanks to my wise friend Penny-Ann Poundwise, and her great idea, I'll be perusing my old women's magazines for ideas.  Those ladies back in the early part of the 20th century fed their families every summer day WITHOUT air conditioning.  I'm pretty sure Mama 1930, didn't fire up the cobstove and make a roast when the heat of August was on. 

Other thriftiness.... made a quick stop at my Favorite Thrift Store yesterday.  And came home with 2 summer tops for me, a pretty pin to wear on my cardigans, 3 paperbacks to read on these hot afternoons, 2 canning jars (one is a half-gallon, which I hardly ever find!  Will use that for dry goods storage in the pantry) and 2 wine glasses with black stems (I only had 2 wine glasses, so not enough if we have company and serve wine).  Nothing over $3 and I silent-bid on a green pottery vintage vase in their display case.   Any one of these items would have easily cost $5 new. 

And while I love buying from the thrift store, I did buy 2 new books from Amazon.  Now... before you start scolding... I used some of the gift cards I "purchased" from my Swagbucks (Go HERE to read more about that or click on the swidget button at the bottom of the page for more information on Swagbucks.)  "Free" new books is alright with me!

Since I've been reading more these hot days, I've been using my library (LOVE my library) and reading from my personal library.  I have a few books to get rid of and so will be adding them to my Paper Back Swap account.  I may have to pay for shipping to whoever requests my books but any I request from someone else are FREE to me.  Can't beat that deal.
Final thrifty activity.... as I said, it's been HOT here.  Really hot.... and humid.  So I've been running the A/C.  We've been keeping it set at 77° when we're home and 82° when we are gone for the day.  I found that if I run the ceiling fans when we are in a room and the floor fan to help circulate the air and if I close off the laundry room and the bathroom on the south & southwest sides of the house And shut the shades when the sun shines in; it all makes a huge difference on how the cool the house stays.  

We're utilizing the pool we got for the grandgirlies and sleeping in the basement where it's naturally cool.

And speaking of naturally cool, we are having a mini-cool-down this morning, so I'm off to bake up some of the cookie dough balls I have in the freezer, so my Farmer can have a treat this afternoon.

Stay hydrated and remember to check on your pets and elderly neighbors.  September is coming!


  1. Is there a way you can tell me what your PBS account is? I'd love to look at your bookshelf!

  2. My bookshelf is very small right now. I took a bunch to the thrift store that were not "moving." Look for "KAYAF"