Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I've been a little AWOL.... many things running around in my mind to blog but like most clobbered messes, nothing is organized and so I couldn't get my thoughts together to be written. 

But today I slowed down....  It's the start of a holiday weekend here in the States and Thank You Father God, it's COOL!  As in "Open the Windows and Let IN the Breezes!"  I knew September wouldn't let me down.  I know we'll get some heat yet, but summer is on the way out the door and my beloved Autumn is on her way!

And now a few other things I'm thankful for today:

Rain!  1.75" in the past 24 hours.

The strength and energy to pull the weeds out of the berm and make a huge dent in the long flowerbed by the garage.

My Farmer & his help to haul away the piles of weeds and his help to dump the pool and get it hanging over the patio furniture so it can dry out for storage.  I couldn't do it alone.

My job, bosses, co-workers (and the office dogs) who make going to work a pleasure and not a chore.

Friends, in real-life and on-line

My Family (all of them)

Time to be creative and time to finish sewing the last block for this:

 I was auditioning border fabrics in this photo.  I going with the black (top left) 2" and then the bottom right neutral in a 4".  Binding, not sure yet.  Maybe the red or green.

It's been a good week and I'm looking forward to a relaxing, wonderful Labor Day weekend. 
How will you enjoy the holiday?


**Heaven is blessed with perfect rest but the blessing of earth is toil.  ~Henry van Dyke

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  1. I am looking forward to fall also...but yet...I don't want summer to go away quite yet. It does seem like autumn here now though. Stop over and visit...I know you said you do but I'm just saying!