Saturday, October 9, 2010

And the Corn Rolls In....

Just a quick stop to tell you all we're still combining corn and Thank You Father God, it's going well!  We moved to the last field on Jim's farm and Monday will go to Our other Farm (The 80) for the week.  Then we'll be down to a small field by our Vegetarian/Disney-loving Neighbors and the field east of our place.  The end is getting closer!

And we're glad, since Doug at the elevator said they will be dumping corn on the ground starting mid-week.  That takes so much longer, especially since most farmers will be done cutting beans after the weekend.  
The weather has been perfect, so everyone is getting alot done.  And you know once it turns bad, it'll probably stay that way.

I've been helping Farmer-dear move to this field and rode along in the grain truck a few times this morning.  Made a quick lunch of grilled meatloaf and cheese sandwiches (they were just 'ok'), chips, carrots or cole slaw and a pop for him.
Ds2 came out and fixed the electric fence around the corn stalks that the deer went through.  Stupid deer.  And my wonderful son push mowed the ditches for me.  

While I have been in the fields this week, I took some short videos of the Blue-eyed Farmer combining and unloading.   I hope to get inside the combine with him next week and take some from that angle.   I'll get them looped together and fixed and post it ASAP.  (Right now my ISP is having major issues, so I'll have to work some later at night to get it uploaded when the traffic is not so heavy.)

Now I'm off to hang out another load of work clothes, start the dishwasher, and paint that wicker chair (FINALLY!) or pot up some herbs.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Glad you're getting your harvest done...have a good one!