Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harvesting: Soybeans, Corn and Potatoes (Oh My!)

 Blue-eyed Farmer unloading corn into the '63.  
He is so glad we bought the grain cart last year.

We are harvesting as you know.... and Praise God!  The soybeans are off (except for 10 acres that have to finish drying down and can't be cut until the corn is down alongside them.)

The Blue-eyed Farmer is cutting corn now.  It's a much less stressful job.  The corn head does not need to be as close to the ground as the bean head and there is little worry of a rock going through the combine.  That is NOT a good thing to have happen.  Rocks and fast-moving parts just don't mix.

Unfortunately with harvest comes a few repairs.  Over 2 days earlier this week, Farmer-dear welded on 3 different combines.  No, we are not BIG farmers like that.  Our neighbors/relatives had some break-downs and called for help.  Which was a good thing, as our combine had a few "issues" also, that they helped diagnose and repair.

For 2 days he ran without a monitor inside the cab, to keep track of overloading and such.  It was combining "old school," listening for odd noises and watching for the outflow and the grain inflow.  He was blessed to find a local circuit board manufacturer who was willing to work on it.  We picked it up this morning, so I'm hoping it is all working as it should.

Then yesterday it was the feeder chain working itself looser than it should be.

As he said, "If it's not one thing, it's another..." 

While the last of the beans were being combined, Ds2 helped me start digging our potatoes.  We finished yesterday.  From 3 long rows and 2 short rows, we got these:

Photo dedicated to Kristen of Going Country and her love of potatoes.

I'll be boxing them up and storing them in the storm shelter where it's cool and dark.

Ds2 also pulled the onion crop.  A lot of them started to re-sprout, so I'll be chopping and freezing them in the next few days.  My farmer's wife-mentor told me that you should dig them in late July.  Now I know.
I also harvested The sweet potato.  As in ONE, small sweet potato.  They obviously did NOT like where I planted them this year, as opposed to last year.  Last year Farmer-dear brought me up a dump of pond soil, all gooey with manure.  "yum-yum"... for sweet potatoes anyway.

Next comes harvesting the last of the basil, potting up the thyme and rooting some rosemary and drying some Swiss Chard.

But first, I'm off to ride in the the combine and grain truck.  I hope to get some photos from the combine cab and maybe a video.  And then I'll get to those veggies.

Stay well and enjoy the Harvest, Puffins.  Just remember to give the right-of-way to the combines and grain trucks/trailers you meet. 

 The '75 Orange (left) and the '63 Red International Grain Trucks.  I ride along in the '63.


** "It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn."  ~ B.C. Forbes

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  1. A Potato Tarp! Yay! I do love a Potato Tarp. Just think of all the wonderful mashed potatoes to come . . .