Friday, October 1, 2010

I hate Halloween

There I said it! 

It's October 1st and I despise, dislike, abhore, loathe, detest, HATE the celebration of that so-called "holiday" of Halloween!

Don't give me that worn out argument that it's all in fun for the kids.  Nope.... I won't buy it.   Since when is it fun, (amusing, pleasurable, jolly, relaxing, agreeable, enjoyable...) to decorate with witches, skulls, blood and gore, bats, and other hideous creatures and objects?

Are horrifying and terrifying scenes & sounds from films cause for merriment and gladness?

Shall we teach our children to dress up as the Celts did to either placate or copy the evil spirits and shall we have our children beg for treats as those in Europe who begged in exchange for prayers for the dead?

Do we really think we should be celebrating a day set aside from it's earliest beginnings as an agrarian fertility and ancestral honoring festival;

A day where it was believed the barrier between the living and the dead was raised & they came together to feast;

And should we continue to celebrate the custom of giving not only food offerings to the "Land Spirits" (as the dead ancestors were called), but also "life-renewing blood" offering from the slaughter of livestock so to protect the home from malignant "fairy" influences. (fairy here means a spirit);

Is not God's creation of the earth enough?  Do we need to celebrate a day when part of the observance was for the High King to 're-create the world';

Should we participate in a day that included worship of the Land-Goddess and other divinities, all with ties to "the multiform Provider on whom we all depend, who must, like all things, replenish herself through alternating periods of action and repose, and who touches -- as we all must -- darkness and death to find the source of true renewal."

And you say the celebrating of Halloween is innocent fun.... Really??

Comments will remain open as long as we have an adult, mature dialog.

(** All my argument points came from this article: "Samhain: Season of Death & Renewal" by Alexei Kondrateiv
Copyright © 1997 Alexei Kondratiev
All Rights Reserved
May be reposted as long as the above attribution and copyright notice are retained  
Please give credit to this site if you use any of their information.)


**  "Avoid every kind of evil" (NIV—I Thessalonians 5:22)   
**  “Now the [Holy] Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” (KJV 1 Timothy 4:1)


  1. I don't like halloween either. I NEVER decorate for it...I always just stick to the fall theme of decorating.

    I do however let my kids dress up in costumes..nothing scarey or gorey just regular old things like a cowboy or a princess! We always go to the assisted living place where my Grandma lives...the kids enjoy it there and the residents there love having all the children around.

    I like the idea of a harvest party instead of a Halloween party. That is what they do at the Christian preschool our children all went too.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I will link to this in my post on the same. Already tired of having to keep my children out of Walgreen's because it scares them so much to even go in there. Oh yah - that's FUN.

  3. A couple thoughts on this notion:

    First, most Christian celebrations have equivalents in other religions, past and present. As an example, we don't know what time of year Christ was born. The Northern Europeans had a mid-winter/solstice festival -- a time when they celebrated the hope of the return of the sun and longer days. This festival was "adapted" by early churchmen as the time to celebrate Christ's birth. Think of all the "light" motifs we use at Christmas time -- the star of Bethlehem, candles, lights on the tree. The Christmas tree itself is a vestige of the Yule log -- a pagan symbol.

    Second, these celebrations -- the solstices, the spring renewal Christians celebrate as Easter, harvest celebrations, the appeasing of various demons/mischief-makers is universal. The Church co-opted Halloween as the Eve of All Hallows -- or the eve of All Saint's Day on November 1. When I was a Catholic School child, November 1 was a holy day of obligation (attendance at mass mandatory) and a school holiday. It was the day we visited the cemetery to care for our relatives' graves.

    I don't see a problem with giving a nod to our ancient (pre-Christian) ancestors and recognizing that all people need the celebration and hope that these days provide. The sensible among us don't believe we're "worshiping the Land Goddess", etc.

    Has Halloween become over-blown? Most certainly it has been co-opted by Madison Avenue to sell candy, costumes, party goods and so-forth.

    Will I "celebrate" Halloween? Only to the extent that I may pick up a bag or two of half-price candy on November 1. I live out in the country, so I don't expect trick-or-treaters.

    Am I puzzled and disturbed by the current fascination with vampires, witches, blood, etc? You betcha.