Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reaping the Harvest

You know we are havesting corn now... and are close to be done!  God willing...

Other ways I "harvest" is to watch for and take advantage of good deals I find listed in various blogs.  Today I "harvested" a coupon for a Free bottle of Advil and a Christmas gift for Ds2 that I got on a great sale. 

Yes, I've started my Christmas shopping already.  With our far-away kids coming home for a family wedding in mid-December, I need to be ready by the end of November.  That is not that far off!

I also "harvested" in my pantry this morning.  It's been a mess since summer and I keep stocking up on good sales and dumping the bags "anywhere."  (Bad Kay!)  Today I took 30 mins. and organized my canned goods shelves.  I found I'm set with canned veggies and beans and soups and tomato juice, but I need some tomato sauce and sugar.  I found a good sale at my local grocery on my brand of unbleached flour last week, so I should be set there.  Holiday baking is just around the corner too.

How are you harvesting today?


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  1. Still harvesting flax here. I need to organize my pantry too...I am in a similar situation as you are. I can't take the unorganied pantry one more day! Thanks for the visit. :)