Monday, October 11, 2010

Some good sales this week

There are some great deals online this week:

From Coldwater Creek, I got $80 worth of Fall clothes for $40.  2 blouses and 2 sweater shells.  Those are an especial deal... $17.99 before the 50% off.  Lots of colors.
and there are some scarves are still on sale for $4.99... you could get them for $2.50 now!!
Use this code:  WHH4855  in the checkout, through Wednesday.  
But first, go through to earn 2.0% cash back on your total.  By using Ebates to link thru to the places I've ordered from, I have over $7 that I'll get in cash (check) later.

Also...go to Toys R Us and look for the 2for$10 sale link on the homepage.  I got ZuZu Pets for $5 each for the girls for Cmas or Bday.  Again, be sure to go through for the cashback (can't remember the percentage.)

And... only about 6 weeks until Black Friday Sales... I need to check out their site for any upcoming good sales.  If you watch (sign up for emails from your favorite stores), or read the ads, you'll find good sales before BF. 

One last idea:  new deal every day.  Today's was a Kodak, digi camera for $69.99.  I got my mp3 player for like $15 (it's not an iPod, but I don't need one either.)

You all know, there is nothing I like better than a great sale!  Be sure to come back & tell me what you found!


** "The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her."  ~Marcelene Cox

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  1. I would have gone with you;) Good deals for sure and ya got to love good deals!