Thursday, February 17, 2011

Menu: Feb. 14-19

If you’ve read PQ&K for a while you know one of my favorite ladies in Blog-dom is PennyAnn Poundwise.  (Blog-dom for we haven’t meet in real life...Yet!  I believe someday we will share a hug and a cuppa.)

She never fails to inspire me with her homemaking ways.  Today she posted about eating meatless meals.  She’s right up my alley as we have at least 1-2 meals per week that I consider meat-less or at least meat as a flavoring rather than the main part.  Plus my dear PennyAnn posts her weekly menus which always leave me hungry and wanting to hop the next stagecoach for Dixie, so I can dine at her table!
While I’m not nearly as consistent with my weekly menu planning as my friend, here is the menu I’ve come up with for this week. 
Monday,  Feb. 14:
Valentine’s Day and my Sweetie took me out to the Farm Store and then to Arby’s for dinner.  I didn’t have to cook! Arby roast beef for him and a turkey club for me.

Tuesday,  Feb. 15:
Waffles, Bacon and Fruit
Tuesday evenings are almost always Breakfast for Supper nights here on the Farm.  I vary the taste of our waffles by adding whole grain flours to the recipe. And we enjoyed the last of the bacon from the 2010 hog.  I love knowing exactly where our food comes from.

Wednesday,  Feb. 16:
Chef Salads 
Variety of greens, cheeses, hard-cooked eggs and individual chosen toppings (crackers, olives, etc.)
It has been unseasonably warm this week. The temperature has been in the 60s.  We attended a Celebration of Life service for a neighbor today and afterwards worked on individual projects. It was the kind of day that called for a lighter meal.

Thursday,  Feb. 17:
Ham balls in tangy tomato sauce, mashed potatoes or rice, sauted spinach (me) or roasted carrots (him)
I had purchased extra ham ball mixture at Christmas time for later.  It is one of Farmer-dear’s favorite meals, so Valentine’s week seemed the perfect time to make it.  I have several packages of instant mashed potatoes that should be used and we have stocked up on rice.  Either will be a nice foil for the tangy sauce.  I found this garlic-raisin-spinach saute that I absolutely love!  Farmer-dear, not so much.  He’ll enjoy the carrots that will roast in the same oven with the ham balls.

Friday,  Feb. 18: 
Baked trout filets, rice timbales, cole slaw (purchased) and garlic bread
I purchased Nebraska-raised trout recently and it is so good. The timbales are basically cooked rice and seasonings pressed into a small mold or custard cup and turned out, holding its shape.  Just a little fanciness.

Saturday,  Feb. 19:
Baked pork chops, stove-top stuffing, more spinach saute & roasted carrots, applesauce
Saturdays are busy days on the farm and more so as the weather improves.  Farmer-dear mentioned weaning calves that day and he’ll want a hearty meal after a long day of working cattle.

I guess if you count the trout, we will have had 4 meat meals, but I don’t count fish as a “meat.”  So that leaves 3.  The bacon on Tuesday was a side dish.  I realize our week is a bit pork-heavy.  I’m hording the last of our beef.   We took the beefers into the locker this week but it’ll be at least 2.5 weeks until the meat is ready.  We are picking up our pork tomorrow or Friday, so I wanted to use up the last few packages of that.

Please share some of your favorite meat-less menus.  I’m always looking for new ideas.


** There is no sight on earth more appealing than the sight of a woman making dinner for someone she loves~Thomas Wolfe

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  1. I love PennyAnn Poundwise (Terri) too! She always has something good to eat doesn't she?!