Monday, March 28, 2011

Menu March 28-April 3, 2011

Continuing on with the Pantry Challenge this week.  I foresee only needing to purchase some dairy (half-n-half, maybe milk) and produce.  Lots of produce.  I've found that this "woman of a certain age" just cannot eat as many simple carbs anymore.  I've felt rather sluggish and "too-round" lately and after doing some self-diagnosis, I've found I need to cut those foods from my diet.  I'm using the South Beach Diet book as a guide but I'm not going to follow it exactly.  There are too many "fake" foods in it.  Diet spread, low or no fat cheeses, artificial sweeteners..... ick!
I'll just follow their guidelines for cutting back on the carbs and will cut back on the real fats/dairy I eat.
Blue-eyed Farmer is Not joining me in this.  His metabolism is high enough.  We'll just continue to add  more fruits and veggies into his diet.

Monday:  Chili soup, cornbread.  Asparagus-red pepper Omelete.

Tuesday:  Oatmeal, toast, apples.  Broiled chicken on romaine.  Simple vegetable soup cup.

Wednesday:  Smoked pork chops, cole slaw, au gratin potatoes.  Same pork chop, same cole slaw, kale chips.

Thursday:  Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, garlic bread.  Spaghetti squash with asparagus and mushrooms, salad.

Friday:  Broiled or pan-"sautéed" locally-raised Trout, french fries, cole slaw, rye bread.  Trout, leftover spaghetti squash, sautéed cabbage.

Saturday:  Oven-roasted potatoes, carrots and onions, corn bread, salad.  Oven-roasted asparagus, peppers, tomatoes and zucchini.  Salad.  Any sides leftover from my week or sautéed spinach and garlic.

Sunday:  Cook's day off.  I plan to have some kind of hearty salad when we eat out.

I realize to many ladies, making 2 different dinners every evening would be odious.  However, if you look closer, we have the same main dish or one that is very similar most nights.  The two meals that are totally different, both meals were easy to prepare. And in the case of Tuesday's, can be prepared earlier in the day while I am working around the kitchen.  I plan to make most of Thursday's meat sauce on Tuesday also and freeze most of it.  

I'm looking forward to feeling more energetic and hopefully lose a little of my "fluff."  I've made a start already and I'm ready to stop feeling so "full" all the time after eating any carb.  

Happy Eating this week!


** "The longer I live the less confidence I have in drugs and the greater is my confidence in the regulation and administration of diet and regimen." ~John Redman Coxe, 1800


  1. Love the quote - love the menu! Simple carbs and sugars don't agree with me either. Gets me rolling down a slippery slope. <3

  2. What is up with these diets with all the 'fake' foods? Weight Watchers pushes their own food line pretty hard at meetings (or did five years ago when I last went), Atkins had their own products though Dr. Atkins original diet was whole foods, South Beach foods. Ick, Ewww, Ick. I tried to watch Hungry Girl on the CookingChannel but it's all instant sugar free this and fake cheese that.

    I've decided to eat whole foods, whole grains and try to keep sugar to a reasonable once a day serving of something. I find too high in fat foods these days really make me feel icky, so I avoid most of those. Who knew that I'd see the day when I could truly eat a serving or even half a serving of chips and say "plenty"?