Sunday, April 3, 2011

Changes are in the Air…

Oh Dears… the changes… they are a-comin’… I can’t divulge some of them right now but as someone special said to me the other day, (paraphrased) “Just when life starts getting calm and settled, it all goes kaflooey!”  Never get “settled.”  

Some changes I can talk about here… Our church’s Easter Drama is coming up soon.  For you local-yokels, it will be April 13, 15-17.  Here is the official announcement and information.

Stretching the theme a little but I have a "newly changed" light fixture in my kitchen.  The old one was put up by Farmer-dear's parents back in probably the 1970s.  It has worked beautifully everyday for over 30 years.  I have a new fixture and new "daylight" bulbs now.  Will it keep going for 30 years?  All I know for sure is it is SO bright and there will no more cooking in the shadows or by flash light.  

Changing times… it’s almost spring!  It has been a couple of beautiful 70° days and then WHAM!  The cold front came in this afternoon and it’s wildly windy and very chilly tonight.  Warmer temps again by the end of the week. Schwoo~

While south of the Big City yesterday, I heard the Peeper Frogs.  None are singing here yet, but I always figure we are about a week later than the City for Spring advancements. The forsythia are blooming there and the daffy-o-dills too.  I figure in 2 weeks we’ll be blooming and “singing” too.

Just to keep up with “the neighbors”,  Farmer-dear tilled my 2 garden areas this afternoon.  

From 2 years ago, but same tiller and same Farmer.

This is the bed south of the patio.  It will be for flowers and shade loving plants--Hostas! Columbine! Bleeding Hearts!  Lupine!

The only veggies that ever did very well here were lettuce, peas, spinach and chard since they grew before the trees leaf out.  I will probably plant my sugar snap peas and put up the fencing for them again but as soon as they are done in June, I can pull it down and plant some annuals.  The edge closest to the patio is sunny all summer.

 I just read about planting potatoes in bottom-less 5-gal buckets.  We have an abundance of bottom-less cattle lick barrels (half 50gal drum size).  Farmer suggested using those for the tomatoes too, since one is not supposed to plant tomatoes where potatoes were the previous year.  
I’m hopeful that by using these taller containers I will:  
A.  Get more potatoes from fewer seed potatoes. (you just keep mounding up the dirt as the plant grows, then in the late summer, remove the container and knock the dirt aside to find the potatoes… no more digging for them!  Ds2 will be happy.) 
And B. Whatever varmint that keeps eating my tomatoes as they start to ripen will be deterred with having them 2 feet off the ground.  My only concern will be caging the plants.  I will need taller cages if I plant the vining kind of tomatoes.

I am reading “Lasagna Gardening” by  right now. 

 I’ve done variations of this type of gardening for years.  Basically it involves layers of wet newspaper, compost or mulch and then planting.  I want to seriously implement this in the main garden and plant more peppers, zucchini (darn squash bugs anyway!), onions, maybe green beans.  I’d like more perennial plants around the garden.  More rhubarb and some berries.  I have a pyramid strawberry “bed” that has never been used.  I just need to find a spot for it.  It’s hard living on a hillside.  And I’d like to plant more asparagus or move the bed I have by the peonies.

Speaking of Lasagna Gardening, few years ago I surrounded our Big Rock...

Thank goodness for a couple of friendly trees.

 with wet newspapers and rubber border and filled it all in with river rock.  The Rock needed to be “grounded” and this worked very well to keep the weeds out for a while.  I wish I had made the newspaper layer thicker as now the weeds come through, since the paper has disintegrated.  My hope this year is to “zap” the weeds as soon as we see them and also to plant some Yucca plants in that hot, barren landscape.  The Rock looks a little lonely up there all alone. 

While in the City this weekend, I noticed the pop-up garden centers are open.  Pansies!!  And my favorite family-owned bedding plant market will be opening April 25!  Be still my heart!  I don’t anticipate any huge events this early summer to keep me too busy, so I hope to get everything weeded, mulched and settled in before the heat gets going and actually have a decent garden again.

And then there are those Standing Salad Tables (read about those HERE) I made 2 years ago.  They need to be painted (Badly!) but they are just waiting for some new potting soil and seeds.

I guess it’s good that nothing stays stagnant and boring.  Shake out the cobwebs and throw open the windows of our souls to all the good things Father God has for us with each change in our lives.  Everything He allows for His glory and our good.

Be watching tomorrow for another Change… a new menu for this week. 


** “Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.”  ~Pauline R. Kezer

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