Sunday, April 8, 2012

This looks like the place....

**peering in through the cobwebs and dust bunnies**   I think this is the place?  Looks like it.  Same old blue "wallpaper" and photo of my flowerbed and look there's my list of wonderful followers and my list of favorite bloggers.  Yes, this is my Blog Home!

Ah Puffins... I hope you all found plenty to keep you occupied for the past 10 months while I was off being "too busy!"

I've missed you all so very much, but something had to give in my life and unfortunately it was this special place of writing and musing.  A girl can only do so much without imploding and I did plenty of that anyway.

I won't try to catch you all up on the past months today. Just wanted to come clean up the place a little and let you know I hope to be much more regular in my posting.
Instead I'll close with a note I wrote to my dear friend Terri (of Gentle Living blog fame) just today.  I think it sums up my life right now very well.

"Terri Dear,
I just now had time to read this message (Easter Sunday 2012) and you never cease to amaze me with your wisdom.  Through your revelation of how you had no more dreams anymore, I see myself and I am grieving.  I'm too busy, I'm too tired, somedays I barely am holding on-- it's only through the grace of God & the faith He gives me that I'm not a puddle on the floor.
I am looking ahead to a busy spring/summer/fall and even ahead to the holidays of 2012 and dread each and every "busy moment" that i know is coming.
All I want is time for myself to just 'be' and to recover from a past year of working full-time, peri-menopause, BIG stresses within my life and at work and cracks in my Christian walk.

But I have hope and faith.  I know I am not alone in this journey as a maturing woman.  I have my Heavenly Father and dear lady friends who truly understand.

And just as you saw the wisdom in writing again, I too, in the past few weeks, have missed my blogging days and plan to begin again.
Funny how God works things together like this...."

As always there is coffee in the maker and goodies on the counter.  Pour a cup and make yourself at home.  I hope this will be a cozy place for us all to rest and recharge.

**"You cannot persevere unless there is a trial in your life.  There can
be no victories without battles; there can be no peaks without valleys.
If you want the blessing, you must be prepared to carry the burden and
fight the battle."
~Warren W. Wiersbe~

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