Thursday, June 21, 2012

Starting the mostly daily postings and Potatoes

I try.... really I do.  But then these silly things call "Big Gurl Town Job" and "Farm Wife Life" get in the way and by the time I get some free minutes, it's late o'clock or I'm just plain tired of looking at a computer screen and thinking.  Reading others' blogs is fine, along with Facebook and Pinterest but that's about all I'm good for.

So I'm going to try doing what Kristen at Going Country does and that's just write a little bit most days about whatever she's doing or done or going to do that day.  It works so I'm going to try too.  Maybe I won't end up going AWOL for weeks/months/years on end again.

So, today... Thursday (which felt like a non-day because Yesterday was Thursday to me)... did the 8-5 routine and then a quickie to the local grocery for a few sale items and home-sweet-home.  My ebook is calling me but darn that old Catholic guilt.  I can't just sit and read when I know there's chores/stuff/work to be done.

I rounded up the daily laundry and started that.  Watched the weather because apparently I'm the one who is suppose to know what the weather will do later/tomorrow/this weekend at any given moment.

Then it was supper prep time.  Potato packets for the grill, check.  Pork chops brining, check.  Cut up the cantelope I got.  And threw it to the cows because it was totally tasteless.  I hate when that happens.
GRRR!  Waste of $$ and time.

Thought about sitting for a spell and then heard the tractor/windrower close by and thought perhaps the Farmer was coming home from behind the house, but no, he was just on the field closest to the house. that killed any idea of just sitting.  He would need the gates opened when he came home.

Headed out to see how the garden looked and realized the potatoes need to be dug NOW!  Especially the volunteers.  The weeds are taking over and last year we didn't get to the potatoes before Farmer mowed off the weeds and dried tops.  We had a terrible time finding the plants.  (Hense all the volunteers this year.)  So I got my trusty potato fork and started in, telling myself I'd only do the North half of the space.

Farmer came home and I watered the calves.  Then he brought down the sprayer to be filled with 180 gallons of water. I decided to keep digging since I had to watch the water while he finished cutting hay by the road.  And then the mosquitoes found me!!
(If I get malaria, I loved you all first....)

In the end, I dug all the volunteers I could find.  I have a good 10-15 pounds on the back porch, drying.  Ds2 can dig the potatoes he planted in rows and we'll have to pull the onions.  The hail we had last week really did a number on their stems/stalks/greens.

This is the craziest year for growing things.  Everything is EARLY, including the locusts singing.  Old Farmers tales say it's 90 days from the first locust to the first frost.  I heard them a week ago so mid-Sept should be a frost.

I'm in the house now. I'm showered and the potato packets are in the oven because I couldn't get the grill started (still too damp after last nights showers/rain.)  Farmer should be home soon, in fact I hear him now.

I hope this mostly-daily posting works out.  I've missed "talking" to you all.   Comment if you have a minute and let me know I'm not all alone here.


**How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?  ~Paul Sweeney


  1. Hi! I need to get back to my own blog, too, but one thing or another comes along, and next thing I know another week has gone by. Maybe you will inspire me. :)

  2. Yup you have been missed for sure.... will be glad to "see" you back more often....