Sunday, April 25, 2021

Spring & Planting time on the farm with a menu

My gift for Administrative Assistants Day.  I have wonderful bosses.

Another Birthday

 First, a happy 61st birthday to my Blue-eyed Farmer.  I love you bunches, Sweetie.

Farmer with dgs2 (oldest Little)

What I Did This Weekend

Despite snow and below freezing temperatures a few mornings this past week, it is Spring on the Farm.  Farmer started planting corn yesterday (Saturday.)  It was also his birthday.  I gifted him with a card and his favorite meals (tuna sandwiches for lunch and homemade pizza for supper.)  The boys called him and the Big granddaughters all texted him plus he got some cards in the mail.  I also made him chocolate chip cookies for his treat.

We got hay for the cows in the morning.  Then a quick run into town to get some things he needed.  We dropped off a succulent bowl I had gotten for DDiL.  The kids re-homed their big dog and now she can beautify her patio. 
Took the seed up to the field and he was off and going.  I spent the morning cleaning the house & doing laundry.  Made up tuna salad and took him a field lunch.  It was a cool day but sunny.
In the afternoon he sprayed the fields he had planted.  DS2 came out to check/fix pasture fences.  Then Farmer & I went to get more corn seed and he planted until dark.  

New iris is under the far trellis.

I transplanted a iris plant in the new garage flowerbed and prepped the new planter for planting a mandevilla vine when it gets warmer. 

Last week Farmer helped me detangle all the tomato cages and organize that area by the fence.  I also uprighted the compost "bin."  It's something I bought with the idea of making compost without building a bin.  Saturday I finally started a "proper" compost.  I layered sticks in the bottom (which is open to the ground.  It has mesh sides and is open on top); then a layer of "brown or dry."  They suggested leaves but there are few dry leaves around anymore in spring.  I found a bunch of old tomato vines that were brown and dry so I used those.  (Thinking now, I could have gotten some dry straw or hay from the bunk and used that as well.)  Then I layered in some cut grass and the kitchen waste, then a layer of manure/soil.  I watered it all down well and covered it with some cardboard.  I'll give it 2 weeks and stir it with a pitch fork.  And I'll start a new layer.  And hopefully by June, I'll have some new compost to dress the plants.

I bought some moss roses from a local fund-raising plant sale this week. I was going to plant them but it's suppose to get hot Monday and then rain Wed.  I'll plant them Tuesday after work so they won't cook.  And then it's suppose to get cold next Mon-Tues, so I won't be planting my herbs yet.  Not until the 3 Frozen Kings come & go.  

Late afternoon, I went back inside to do more laundry.  I made pizza dough and defrosted the meats, ground beef and some Italian Chicken Sausages.  I had those 2 head of broccoli from the produce sale to use up yet. I decided to blanch them and just put in the freezer.  And then since Farmer warned me he wouldn't be home until at least 8:30, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  It was a bit of a whirlwind of pizza, broccoli and cookies all the while keeping an eye on the clock timing the blanching, and timing the cookies baking and watching for him coming home.
We ate and at 10:30 I was folding the last load from the dryer.  It was a long, busy, but good day.

Today we slept in a little.  I made our weekly blueberry muffins and we listened to church.  I did my devotions with a second cup of coffee, but could not keep my eyes open.  So I gave in and took a 2.5  hour nap!  I guess yesterday wore me out. 

Lunch on Sunday is whatever you can find.  Farmer had more of the tuna salad and I made myself a big salad with greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, cheese and egg.  We've rested and relaxed all afternoon and now he's mowing and I'm blogging.  


This week is suppose to be up & down temperature-wise.  90 tomorrow, 70s Tuesday, then cooler Wed, back to the 70s Thu & Fri.  Colder on Mon & Tues next week.  We still have not had a thunderstorm which is rather strange.  

I try to make out our menu according to the weather and what we are doing.  And as always trying to Find My Fragments.  

Here's this week's:

Sunday (today): Air Fryer meal or Leftovers

Monday (90day-HOT): Chef Salads (FMF) with ham, cheese, eggs and some leftover biscuits and garlic sticks)

Tuesday: Tacos, refried beans (FMF)

Wednesday (Breakfast Night): Pancakes and sausage, fruit (FMF from the fridge & freezer)

Thursday: Sloppy Joes, buns (FMF), baked beans, chips, for him; Sweet Chili Pineapple (or mango) Chicken with broccoli and rice for me.

Friday: Steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, salad

Saturday:  Going to inventory the pantry and freezers and see what we have too much of or what needs to be used.  Stay tuned for details.   


I've been trying hard to keep the leftovers and extras used up.  I do not want to waste food or our hard-earned resources.  

I found our walking onions are growing well.  I pulled several and shouldn't have to buy spring onions for a long while.  These never get large bulbs but are still good to use as storage onions.  I have 3-4 garlic cloves left and none in the store looked good, so I'll be on the look-out for new garlic soon.

I used the onion in the tuna as well as some celery that was on it's way out.  Wrapping it in foil really does work.  Keeping celery in plastic does not keep it.  I also found that if your tuna salad doesn't seem thick enough for you, 6-8 crumbled crackers will help thicken it and you don't notice the taste or texture.  They seem to "melt" away.

I also used the onions in the pizza topping and also found the packages of Chicken Italian Sausages I had vacuum-sealed.  I used one on my side of the pizza.  The other one I'll use on my salad or in the Chicken meal.

All that Bag-Sale produce has gone to good use.  I did lose one avocado that was too bad to salvage.  The others I was able to cut out the bad spots.  

I cut up the pineapples and packed those in Farmer's lunches all week.  

The mangos I cut up and used some in Mango Salsa for my fish tacos.  So good.  The recipe originally calls for pineapple but I've used peaches & cucumbers in it as well.  

As you read I blanched the broccoli for the freezer.  The peppers are still good in the fridge and I'll either put the pears in Farmer's lunch this week or make a pie or bread out of them with the apples that no-one is eating.  

I cooked up one of the punts of mushrooms and put those in my eggs on Wednesday evening.  The rest should hold this week and I'll use some in my Sweet Chili Chicken and some I'll brown in butter for my steak on Friday.

There is Romaine lettuce to be cleaned and cut up for Monday's salads along with various "extras" like those peppers, carrots, sugar peas (which could also go in my Sweet Chili Chicken), cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cheeses.  There is ham in the freezer and shrimp and chicken strips (not necessarily Fragments but something that needs to be used.)

I seem to have an abundance of carrots, so I'll need to find something to do with them.  My mind jumps to carrot cake but heaven knows I don't need that!  Farmer does like roasted carrots so perhaps a sheet-pan meal next week sometime. 

My goal is to clean out my fridge.  So much in it right now, condiments and other not used daily items.  I need to discover what it all is and find a way to use it.

I also need to use up more freezer fruit, so zucchini bread or a cobbler or something; or just more smoothies.

Since I started this post, Farmer has finished mowing and we drove over to check on some elderly neighbors.  She gave me 6 potted hostas that she divided out of her plants and offered me some columbine plants (if I come dig them) and promised to keep any small redbud trees that come up volunteer.  This is the sweet neighbor that gave me the rhubarb plants and is always my "farm wife" mentor.  

We are now home and supper is almost done so I'll close for another week.  If anything post-worthy comes up, you'll see it here.

Stay well,


In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ~Margaret Atwood

4.19.21 Menu

 Sunday:  AF Pizza Rolls (him) AF Shrimp and Mango-Avocado-Tomato Salad with Lemon-Garlic dressing

Mon: Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese   OR Spaghetti

Tues: Chicken Fajitas

Wed: Bacon, Eggs, Biscuits

Thu: Pork Chops, hash browns or cheesy potatoes

Fri: Bday night or Hot dogs on grill, beans, cole slaw

Sat: Pizza

I've been making smoothies again.  I have so much fruit around.  Fresh strawberries that will be used up this week.  Almond milk.  Freezer fruit - blueberries, bananas, some berry pulp, pineapple, tropical.  Those mangos & pineapple I bought last week.  Spinach that needs to be used up.  Honey from a neighbor.  Chia seeds.  I love this and make it to take to work.  I'm not a big breakfast fan, other than coffee or maybe a piece of toast, so this helps keep me going all morning.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Gardening and more FMF

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

It's Sunday again.  One of the Top-Ten Days, weatherwise.  It was cool this morning but near 70 this afternoon with little breeze. Warm enough to want to be outside but cool enough you appreciated a hoodie.  

This week was a typical Farm week.  We both worked our off-the-farm jobs and came home to do farm stuff.  Several days of hauling AA tanks and dry-fertilizing.  He got corn seed one day.  A day or two of field-cultivating.  It rained one day, just enough to make it all messy. (.25")  

Yesterday we did normal Saturday jobs.  I cleaned and did laundry and made cookies in the morning.  He changed oil in the big tractor.  We had a visit from the Littles in the afternoon. And Farmer sold an old hay rake on-line, so did that transaction here with the buyer.

Today was church on-line, muffins for breakfast, "Find It Yourself" lunch, naps, reading & relaxing, a visit from extended family, he mowed and I helped rake up the piles of grass (it was a bit long when he mowed) and then we got hay for the cattle.  I stood and soaked in the beauty of the evening.  Mourning Doves calling.  The happy ducks swimming on the pond.  The smell of the cut grass.  The sunlight slanting away into sunset.  And was a nice long restful day.


Well, such as it is right now.  As I've said, I'm not having a big vegetable garden this year.  I've planted 2 rhubarb plants in the raised bed Farmer made me last year.  I potted up 3 romaine bottoms for rooting and will do the same with the last 3 in the bag.  I might throw some spinach or chard seed out there too.  Maybe a short row of green beans for eating fresh.  I'll put a tomato plant or two somewhere and cukes in the flowerbed and squash on the berm.  Herbs on the patio and strawberries in the north raised bed.Yes, I know, it sounds like a garden but it's not.  Just a few plants around to eat fresh but not enough to have to mess with canning.  Farmer is going to put pumpkins in the garden bed for this year.  Just to hold it until DS2 & I decide if either of us wants to garden that much again.

I'm enjoying not stressing over getting the potatoes and onions in the ground or if I should start my own tomatoes & peppers.  I'm fighting a little guilt over it but I refuse to let that get the best of me.  I refuse to stress over making jam this year.  I'll support my farmer's market producers.

So instead of the vegetable garden, I've been playing with flowers.  I planted my two big pots with geraniums, ivy and spikes already.  I couldn't help it.  The local farm store had big hanging pots for $8 with 4 geraniums each.  Nice big healthy plants.  I couldn't turn them down. I transplanted those geraniums into my planters.  I think they'll fill it out nicely.  And I will repot those ivy into pots to bring inside in the Fall.  I love ivy.

I also got some pansies at the big box store before Easter.  I love pansies.

Also at the farm store, they had these beautiful succulent pots.  Which fit perfectly inside my old galvanized bucket.  I will be getting 2 more.  I think they will fit inside my wire planters I found in the shed.  I'll put those on the patio table or give them to someone.  I know some of the planters had Hen & Chicks which can grow outside in our area, but I'm not sure the rest of these will.  I have some rocky spots I could plant them into in the Fall.  I do not have anywhere to keep them inside the Farmhouse.  And my office is getting a bit overrun with plants.

While I was looking for extra soil when planting the rhubarb, I found where Farmer had dumped my spent mums last Fall.  They were starting to sprout, so I put them in a supplement tub and watered them.  When I potted up the big planters I also potted up the 3 small mum plants.  I don't know if they'll do anything this year but I'll keep them on the porch until fall and then will plant them on the berm or try to winter them over on the backporch.  It's not heated but I figure if they survived being dumped out of their pots on the ground, they should survive being inside & unheated.

Menu and Finding My Fragments

I make menus and then we eat something different.  So this past week I just wrote down what we ate since it was slap-dash most evenings.

Sun: AF meal and Leftovers (I can't even tell you what leftovers, but I'll count it as FMF.)

Mon: Grilled Cheese for him.  Leftover Pasta Primavera for me (FMF)

Tues: Out with friends after we were all hauling AA tanks.  Farmer- Cheeseburger & ff; Me- Riblets & Chicken, potato salad and beans.  (It was not a great meal.  Farmer's was almost burnt and my meat was over-done and dried out.  The sides were institutional grade and not good.)

Wed: French Toast and Sausage

Thur: Cast Iron Cheeseburger, FF, Peas (him) and roasted broccoli, (me)  (So Good!)

Fri: Date Night:  Red Robin Burgers & FF (Good!)

Sat: Chef Salads with either frizzled ham or Chicken. (FMF)  (I had the ham in the freezer and the chicken breasts that needed to be cooked NOW.  Seasoned with garlic powder and cooked in EVOO.  I should have pounded them because they ceased up a bit but they were the right thickness for slicing thinly for the salads.)

We were a bit heavy on the burger theme but we like them.  And they are fast. And I have buns we need to use up.  

Thursday our local mom&pop grocery store had another $20 produce bag sale.  I made sure to go into work early to get there for the bargains.  They were waiting for the truck, so no "special" brown bags but the produce manage got one for me from the check stand.  He said I was getting a special deal since that bag was bigger than the ones they would get on the truck.  

I got 2 pineapples, 4 large mangos, 6 small avocados, 6 pears, 2 punts of mushrooms, 4 med broccoli heads, 2-4packs of red/yellow peppers in that one bag.   I felt these were all more expensive items that were a better bargain.

I left behind the baby carrots, potatoes, onions, bag salad, cherry tomatoes, apples, cantaloupe, and cucumbers.  I have carrots, potatoes, onions, salad, tomatoes & apples.  The melons would not be very tasty and the cucumbers looked sad.

I roasted 2 of the 4 broccoli and have been eating on it all weekend.  One of avocados were bad. (Hate that!) Two more have gone into  my salads this weekend along with one of the red peppers.  

Let me tell you about tonight's salad.  So different but so good!

I cubed up one of the mangos, added 1 cubed avocado and a big handful of cherry tomatoes that I halved.  Cut up 1/4 of a preserved lemon.  Shook on some Everything But the Bagel seasoning and some kosher salt.  Poured on the EVOO to mix in with the seasonings and the mango & tomato juices.  Sweet, salty, a little sour, onion/garlicky.  I know it sounds like a strange combination but it was so good & refreshing.

I'm very ready for Spring/Summer and all the salads I will eat.  I'm finding I'm moving away from potatoes and breads.  I do like my pasta & rice but less often.  Give me vibrancy and color and zing in flavor and I'm all over it.  

And that was our week.  Not terribly exciting but good enough.  This coming week we are on the roller coaster.  Warm today, Snow( ! ) tomorrow, cool and then 60s by the weekend.  Farmer's bday is Saturday and we rarely celebrate it on the day because he's usually planting corn then.  Although one year (his 30th?) I did have a surprise party for him.  And we had a horrible thunderstorm and the neighbor's bull got out and was on the road; so the men all went to put it back in the pasture.

Let me know if you've been Finding Your Fragments?  

Or any odd, wild salad concoctions?

How is your garden growing?  

Until next time, enjoy the Spring!


“Despite the forecast, live like it's spring.”
― Lilly Pulitzer

Monday, April 12, 2021

Monday Madness


First I must apologize for the wacky fonts on Sunday's post.  I tried to keep it all the same except for the last questions.  I guess I cannot cut & paste and expect it to conform.

A quick question, I recently got wireless bluetooth ear buds that have the curly thing that helps them fit in your ear.  How do you get them to fit correctly?? Supposedly that thing fits in the curl of your ear.  If I'm suppose to be able to exercise in these, they are mistaken.  I wanted them for gardening and walking.  I don't think they'll stay put if I dip my head.  We'll see.  I did find another brand that just had the buds and the connector that goes behind one's neck.  I think those will work better.  I only paid $30 for these so I could regift to one of my kids.

Today, was a wild Monday.  Big emergency plumbing job for several of my techs at work that will take all of tomorrow also.  A bunch of odd stuff I need to figure out and get scheduled.  I don't like having to learn on the fly.  I'm too old for so much brain overload.  

After I got home, I called the Farmer to see if I needed to chore.  He was on his way home from a neighbor's and asked if I wanted to ride along to get Anhydrous tanks.  Sure!  After 1.5 hours, 3 trips to tank location and 3 different fields, we got home.  He decided to get the cows a bale to keep them content for the next day or two while he'll be busy with fertilizing.  So I helped open & shut gates and played "chicken" with the new calves.  They wanted to come investigate the big world outside their gate!    

Then I brought in my big planters as we are supposed to get frost over the next 2 nights.  Geraniums are hearty but I don't want them scorched.  I hope it stays above freezing as the wild plums and pears are blooming now. And I heard the Redwing Blackbirds.  The mourning doves are back.  The trees are starting to get that misty green color.  Spring!

Finally inside at 8 p.m.  (It's Springtime on the Farm.  This is a normal occurrence.)  

Today is National Grilled Cheese Day, which Farmer likes.  So he made that for his supper with corn, chips and rhubarb crisp.  (Carb Fest!)    I am still Finding My Fragments and I knew I had asparagus in the fridge.  Well, I did. But I like mine in a less liquidy form.  (ICK!)  I had planned to make an Asparagus Pasta Primavera.  No asparagus but I did have sugar snap peas, spinach, onion and cherry tomatoes.  Sautéed all those in a skillet in EVOO & butter.  Cooked 2 cups of rotini pasta.  When the pasta was done, added it to the cooked veggies with some pasta water and some Parm.  Pretty good for a FMF meal.  Next time I'll use the spinach in a salad and add some capers to the pasta.  This made enough for 2 servings, so I'll have some for another evening.

And now it's almost bedtime.  Just wanted to pop in and share some of my typical weekday happenings.

See you soon!


**In spring, the dead trees, roots, and animals come to life again exactly as they were, thus providing hundreds of thousands of examples, specimens, and proofs of the supreme resurrection. **

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Easter, also this past week and a menu

I meant to post about our Easter or what I prefer to call "Resurrection Sunday."  But the week got away from me.

We celebrated with the local Littles Saturday morning with Baskets and an Egg Hunt.  A quick lunch of the foods they will eat and take-out pizza for the adults.  Then they were off for naps and traveling to the other grandparents.  Farmer and I did our typical Saturday activities.  It was a beautiful day outside.

Sunday I texted the out-of-state ones and everyone else I love.  My phone "blew up" all morning while I made ham balls, veggies, cheesy potatoes, fruit salad to go with the rolls and angel food cake.  It sounds like a lot of food but I sized it down for 2 with a few leftovers. 

Monday we ate leftover Pizza and salads.

Tuesday we ate the last of Sunday's leftovers.

Wednesday we had a family funeral mid-day.  After work we had errands to run in the City. I needed a baby shower gift and Farmer always wants to go to Sam's club.  Produce, dairy, snacks for each of us and a few items for DS1's family.  We got Taco Bell to take home.

Thursday was a yucky day at work.  Supper was comfort food.  Biscuits and Sausage Gravy.

Friday was warmer and I thought about grilling but my grill is out on the patio (across the house, down the basement stairs and across the house again.)  I used the Air Fryer to cook chicken sausages and hot dogs.  Then AF french fries, pork & beans.  Easy-peasy.

Saturday we worked around here in the morning.  He got the planter ready to go.  I cleaned the house & did laundry.  Then I had a baby-shower to attend in the early afternoon.  BFFs come over at 4p.m. and we took a nice long drive on our way to a favorite steakhouse.  We celebrated BF's hubby's 60 birthday with prime rib, baked potatoes, salad and rolls.  We drove around our small hometown where 3 of us attended high school.  Then back here for cards and laughs.

Last week and the week before have left us weary & tired.  Just doing more of what we do, but at an older age and with a year's worth, plus, of anxiety and concerns.  And yet through it all, I've been trying to remember to thank Father God that I am healthy and strong enough to do the physical things I'm having to do.  (2 Saturdays ago, I helped carry BEF's new chair down from the garage to the house and then rearranged the living room and then trotted *I don't run.* through the MUD/SLOP in the lot to help him move some cattle and then fend off a momma cow who was heading out of a gate and then slogged through a very deep muddy feeder lot *almost over my boots* and then moved a feeder and I lived through it all.  Thank you Father God for giving this older woman strength for the day.

And now my menu for this coming week:  (FMF- Finding My Fragments)

Sunday (today):  AF leftover prime rib sandwiches

Monday: Meatloaf patties, mashed potatoes, veg  (FMF- Enough meatloaf mixture for at least one patty so we'll see how I stretch it or if I make use of another fragment.)

Tuesday: Taco salad with (FMF) leftover taco meat and some chicken in the fridge that needs to be used! Refried beans and enough chips in the bag to give it crunch.

Wednesday: French Toast, eggs or bacon (FMF- I made bread Saturday, but Wed. it will need to be used up or it'll get stale or moldy.)

Thursday: (supposed to rain)  Tomato soup (for him), FMF Broccoli cheese from the freezer, grilled cheese sandwiches 

Friday: AF Shrimp, Hashbrowns & homemade Cole Slaw

Saturday: Homemade pizza (I have Italian pizza dough flour to use.)

What is your menu looking like for this week?  

Who has their garden put in or at least started?

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading.  I'd love to have you comment.  



Seek the Lord while He may be found,
Call upon Him while He is near.
Let the wicked forsake his way,
And the unrighteous man his thoughts;
Let him return to the Lord,
And He will have mercy on him;
And to our God,
For He will abundantly pardon.

Isaiah 55:6-7

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

No Garden in 2021??!!

 Farmer and I have been discussing our garden plan for this year.  The last several years I have been pondering whether or not to continue the garden.  Life gets busier for me and DS2 is busy with his house of Littles.  Farmer only tills it and maybe will help pick tomatoes in the thick of that harvest and help dig potatoes.  He doesn't water or weed (much) or plant.

Last year we had an over abundance of tomatoes and potatoes.  I canned as many tomatoes and I wanted and I ate them regularly through December.  

We still have 3 large baskets of sprouting potatoes in the mechanical room in the basement.  I will be using the last 3 walnut-sized onions this week.  

It was a great garden last year.  But I missed out on summer squash and cucumbers.  Those did not do well in the planters on the patio.

The more I've thought about it, the more the thought of working a garden depresses me.  And with a new Little coming in July, DS will not have the time to help.

My thoughts are to put 2 cucumber plants up in the flower garden, 2 summer squash on the berm (the only place the squash bugs don't find it!) and 1-3 tomato plants either in the flower bed also or in the 8' planter box Farmer made me last year.  I will be putting in rhubarb and blueberries in that box also.  I plan to plant my herbs in the crock and pot like always.  And I think I'll plant June-bearing strawberries in the north raised bed where they will be waist high for picking.

I will buy potatoes, onions, beans, etc from the farmer's market.  And if I feel the need to can any tomatoes, I'm sure if I ask, someone around will have some to share.

We don't eat as much jam as we used to.  I can buy a can or 3 of tomato juice for chili.  We can buy salsa.  We can buy potatoes as needed (which isn't as much as it used to be.)

While I still feel the importance of keeping a full pantry; that doesn't mean I need to grow nor can it all myself.

And this year I might actually get a chance to play in the flower beds for a change!  

What are your garden plans for 2021?  

Are you a flower or vegetable garden person?

Take care!


Monday, March 22, 2021

Menu March 21-27, 2021


This is what I do when waiting for a Farmer to come home for supper... Watching out the window.

Menu Sunday 3/21-4/4, 2021

S: Air Fryer Meal? *Spinach & *Cucumber salad

M: *Sloppy Joes, Chips;  Tortellini, *Asparagus

T: *Pan-seared steaks, baked potatoes, (*leftover peas-fridge); *roasted broccoli

W:  Sheet-pan chicken fajitas with *peppers & onions, rice, *spinach & lettuce salad

Th: French toast, new sausage, *smoothies(spinach)

F: Shrimp or Fish, FF, *Slaw (*broccoli stems in the slaw)

S: Cheeseburger Skillet or Tater Tot Casserole, *carrot sticks

S: AF meal;  Sweet Chili Pineapple Chicken, Rice, *Broccoli

M: IP *Lasagna (use spaghetti sauce from freezer), *salad

T: Chef Salad (hair appointment), bread sticks

W: Hamburgers or Hot Dogs (grill?) Beans, Chips


Th: Tortilla Omelets, *spinach salad

F: Fish or Cheese Quesadillas, *slaw

S: Pizza, salad or *carrots

S (Easter) Hamballs, Cheesy Potatoes, Fruit Salad, Mixed Veg, Deviled Eggs, *Rolls, Angel Food Cake & Strawberries.

I made out my menu for the next 2 weeks, as I anticipate they will be busy days.  The "*" is to designate foods I need to use up.  Lots of produce.  I am determined to not lose any so made a plan.  

It's suppose to rain from tonight to Tuesday or Wednesday, so I will use my oven more those nights. 

Also "Air Fryer or AF meal" means something made in the AF.  Farmer likes corn dogs in it and we have other snacky type foods that he likes, bagel bites, pizza rolls.  Yes he is a kid at heart.  Those nights I'll probably have a protein salad or rice.

If you have any questions on those meals or would like recipes, let me know in comments below.

How many weeks out do you make menus?  Or do you just go on a wing & a prayer?

Stay well,